What feature is most important to you in the new PS5?

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Personally I would do all the options you offered. Except not play the ps4 games on the ps5. You did that with the ps3 & it was meh & only certain games anyways. Go big or go home. Kick some xbox azz. Sincerely playstation ride or die fan.


i want games like star citizen to play on consoles and ps5 will be the first console to play 100GB games

I haven't even really seen it but I'm so happy!!

I'm a fellow PS4 player and I really wanted my PS3 games backwards compatible with my PS4 and now it's arriving. I think this console will blast off and I'm going to really enjoy it.

Backwards compatibility

At the moment I am still using the PS3. Thinking about getting the PS4 because my PS3 stopped reading the Blue Ray discs...sadly includes movies and games...but still reads PS2 and regular DVD's. My only hang up with the PS4 is that it's not backwards compatible. Since the PS5 might be coming out within a couple of years, I am hoping that it will be backwards compatible. Would be awesome if it played ALL older games like the PS3 does...not going to hold my breath though. Just don't know what to do...figure out how to fix my PS3, purchase a PS4 and sell all my PS3 games :( or wait for the PS5 to come out. Will the PS5 be compatible with TVs today? Or will you have to have a special set up to play the PS5? I hate trying to make decisions. :( Wish everything wasn't so expensive...LOL

disc based

it if isn't a disc-based console then i won't buy it.. and it needs to also work on regular HDTVs not just 4k.. 4k is expensive, there very little visual difference and not everyone has one (i have a regular perfectly fine HDTV for my ps4 and no plans on a 4k)

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