PS5 graphics

What to Expect From The PS5: 5 Cutting-Edge Features

PS5 Features

With the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X out in the wild, we’re back to the waiting game. When will Sony discuss the PS5 in detail? When will it release? These questions remain in the back of our minds as we move into the future of gaming.

While we wait, it’s time to level our expectations. What can we realistically expect from the PS5? Join us as we separate reality from fantasy.


PS5 Graphics - Indistinguishable From the Real Thing

PS5 Future GraphicsRealism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real.
- Federico Fellini

Each time a new generation of consoles is release, the graphics move up a notch. The leap from PS1 to PS2 was perhaps the largest, but the changes from PS3 to PS4 are no slouch either. What comes next? What will PS5 graphics be like?


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