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Why The PS5 Will Run at 8 Teraflops For True 4K

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PS5 GPUWhen new consoles are announced, people want to know what it can do, and how powerful it is. While the typical consumer isn’t interested in RAM, GPU, or teraflops, hardcore games absolutely want to know what’s under the hood. Knowing the specs of a system empowers us to make a lot of predictions as to what it will be able to accomplish.


PS5 Specs - CPU, GPU, Hard Drive, Disc Drive

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Welcome to our PS5 Specifications page, where we talk about the technology that will power the PS5. Our prediction puts the PS5’s release date at 2020. By the time this year rolls around, technology will be in a very different place. We will be capable of doing new and exciting things, and as the system ages, it will evolve more than any PlayStation console before it.


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