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Sony Skipping E3 For The First Time Ever - What This Means For The PS5

Playstation 5
The Electronics Entertainment Expo, known fondly as E3, is an institution of gaming. In 2019, the show will reach its 25th anniversary, but it’s going to be a bittersweet celebration. Sony has announced that they will not be attending E3 2019.


Will Sony Announce The PS5 at E3 2018? Nope

PS5 E3 2018

We are just one month away from E3 2018, and gamers (myself included) are hungry for new announcements and developments. After the huge success that God of War gave Sony, it will be interesting to see how other exclusives stack up. One thing we’re all wondering is whether Sony will tease the PS5 at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo.


PS5 in 2019? Rumor Claims Dev Kits are Already Being Distributed

PS5 Dev Kits

The PS4 released on November 15, 2013. The PS4 Pro released November 10, 2016. If a new rumor is to be believed, the PS5 could release in November of 2019. This rumor comes from a gaming journalist named Marcus Sellars, who has a long and successful track record of accurately predicting major gaming news.


PS5 Release Date Countdown - Launch Date



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