PS5 Concept

PS5 Transformer - Portable Concept by Kevin Tan

A PS5 portable design that transforms based on usage. This Innovative PS5 concept was created by graphic artist Kevin Tan. A hybrid console that is portable and playable on the TV is something that the Nintendo Switch has popularized since its release.

Sony could be considering something similar with a design like these. As you scroll through these concept images, take a look at how the console looks when deployed and how it can collapse into a convenient size that fits into a carrying case.


PS5 Slim and Sleek Concept by Kevin Tan

Excellent new sleek PS5 concept by graphic artist Kevin Tan. This is a sleek touchscreen interface that can be both raised and lowered combining both beauty and function.A slim system like this could fit in just about any area, and with a screen on the front, it could be used as a portable as well.

Imagine being able to take your PS5 with you. You can prop it up on a table and play on-the-go. Would you want a portable system like this one? Let us know how you like this design in the comments!


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