PS4.5 Will Surprise Microsoft and Crush Scorpio's Performance

PS4.5 vs XBox 2 ScorpioPS4.5 vs XBox 2 Scorpio - See video below

For the first time since the dawn of gaming, we’re seeing new hardware coming out in the middle of a generation. I’m not talking about a “slim” model either. The PS4 Neo (PS4.5) and Project Scorpio (Xbox 2) are true leaps forward in terms of power. Both are confirmed, but the specs haven’t been finalized for either one.


The PS4.5 would be Bad: Sony Should Focus Efforts on the PS5

Do PS5 instead of PS4.5

We’ve already covered rumors about the PS4.5 here on PS5 Gamers, and whether or not Sony is stalling for time, but now that these rumors have become more prevalent, I’m starting to get a little annoyed.


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