PS5 vs Xbox One X: How Sony Will Dominate

PS5 vs XBox One X

The gaming industry is in a weird place right now. With the release of PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, we received new consoles that exist in the same generation as their brethren. The power of the Xbox One X could easily be touted as “next-gen,” and yet, Microsoft prefers to keep it in this generation.


Call of Duty? More Like Call of Destiny: The Future of FPS

Call of duty infinite warfare vs battlefield 1

First person shooters, abbreviated as FPS, is a genre that has taken over gaming. The biggest franchises are all presented through the eyes of the protagonist. Whether it’s fighting a future war, or waging and old one, this genre represents billions of dollars for the industry each and every year.


The Destiny of VR vs TV's Battle: Only One Survives

VR  vs TV

Virtual reality lived and died over twenty years ago. Simply put, thing like the Virtual Boy didn't cut it. Now, after Oculus Rift was swiftly Purchased by Facebook for $2 billion dollars, suddenly virtual reality is making a comeback. Everyone and their grandmother is bringing out a VR headset, which begs the question:


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