PS5 Slim and Sleek Concept by Kevin Tan

Excellent new sleek PS5 concept by graphic artist Kevin Tan. This is a sleek touchscreen interface that can be both raised and lowered combining both beauty and function.A slim system like this could fit in just about any area, and with a screen on the front, it could be used as a portable as well.

Imagine being able to take your PS5 with you. You can prop it up on a table and play on-the-go. Would you want a portable system like this one? Let us know how you like this design in the comments!

PS5 Slim / Sleek Design - Powered On
PS5 Slim Design by Kevin Tan
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PS5 Slim / Sleek - Elevated Side View
PS5 Front View
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PS5 Slim / Sleek - Profile View
PS5 Profile View
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PS5 Slim / Sleek - Elevated Side View
PS5 Elevated Side View
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PS5 Slim / Sleek - Lowered Side View
PS5 Lowered Elevated Side View
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PS5 Slim / Sleek - Rear Port View
PS5 Rear Port View
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Original Early Concept
PS5 Slim - Kevin Tan
View High Resolution Wallpaper!

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ps5 slim

Absolutely stunning , it's amazing would definitely buy one of those


This is a sexy machine i would defo buy this

Sony should choose this design

Every gamer is always looking for space and smaller streamline designs. This is a great concept.

Play station 5 (☆☆☆☆☆)

I like Playstation 5... I follow all the playstations 1,2,3,4,5....PLA STATION IS THE BEST IN WORLD!!!!!

I hope that you can chance

I hope that you can chance the colors from blue to other colors like green.


I would buy that ps5 u should come out with this one

KevinTan-Concept Slim and Sleek

My absolute Favourite!!! It just needs a Camera to use Virtual Reality, the Screen should turn off, if the Console is connected to a TV-Screen, if not, you have a PlayStation-Tablet(!), and don't forget the Headphone-Output and enough USB-Ports! Thanks for this great Imagination, I hope it's succesfull!

ps5 slim price

how much will cost ps5 slim

This is so awesome !!!!!

I will definitely buy this. And they should keep the concept.

Hell yeah nice console

If you don't make this the new ps5 I'm never buying anything from Sony again XDno

The Gusto Ps5

This is the one hands down i second recommend that this should b the Futuristic technology in gaming.. No need for tablets or IPADS!!!! Fans of the Apple and tablets world would kill for this... Could we play the games on the screen?? #Absolutely!!! #PS5 let's go BIG!! #"The GUSTO PS5!!!!"

PS5 Console

I love this model. I believe if Sony can get the 4K resolution right for this screen, get all the right components put together to make it run smoothly, no over heating , just minimal and I mean minimal issues. I am telling you that you will see Apple numbers. Trust me on this every dad, and call of duty fan will buy this you will never be able to keep it in stores. This is the one it’s time. Now hold it up like if your holding up simba in front of the entire pride lands.

Ps5 slim

Like that idea of the ps5 slim especially cause it’s portable for does People that travel

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