Levitating PS5 Console with Touch Screen Dualshock 5 Controller

PS5 with Dualshock 5 Controller

PS5 and Dualshock 5 Controller

Our first image here highlights the unique design that a cloud-based platform offers.As you can see, there's no disc drive or any bulky box-like shape to store hardware. Everything is streamed through the device which, as you can see, is both small and stylish.

Some of the exciting technology this type of design could utilize includes quantum random access memory (or QRAM), and wireless fiber optic technology which is a far cry from your average Wi-Fi connection. The speeds on offer here will ensure that downloads and streaming happen seamlessly.

Dynamic Haptic Sensitive Controller - Dualshock 5

Dualshock 5

Next up we have a look at an exciting concept for the PS5 controller. While the previous DualShock 4 is quite comfortable, the focus here with the Dualshock 5 will be on the ultimate ergonomic controller experience. In addition, the touchpad is switched out for a touchscreen. Developers will be able to use the touchscreen to display everything from radar, to health, to other creative concepts.

Developers have already found interesting ways to use the DualShock 4's touchpad and light bar, so imagine that kind of innovation on a touchscreen with the capabilities that offers.

Dualshock 5 Features

Dualshock 5 Features

The touch screen on the controller will be seamlessly integrated into the design of it, so they won't need to modify the controller to accommodate it (looking at you Sega Dreamcast). The touchscreen will also incorporate contextual buttons that can utilized by developers to add another layer of interaction.

DualShock 4 controllers have the benefit of rechargeable batteries, but the PS5 controller will take this to the next level. With options for Wireless charging and induction charging on a pad, you'll be able to quickly and easily recharge the controller when it gets low.

Additional Dualshock 5 Features

Dualshock 5 Features

Additional options we can expect to see will be influenced by Microsoft's push for elite controllers that have a lot of customization options. For example, the sensitivity of the triggers and buttons will be adjustable in some sort of app on the PS5. Furthermore, the analog sticks will have an adjustable height to them for added precision.

PS5 Dualshock 5 Controller

In addition, there will be adjustment options for the D-pad. The standard shape will be there, along with an option to give the directions an angled shape for better ergonomics.

PS5 Gaming Console


As you can see from the image, the PS5 console seems as if it's floating. This is possible through quantum levitation which is something we've done today with various objects. The blue lights across the sphere will also act as spatial sensors that can be used with PlayStation VR to analyze your placement in the room.

The color of the sphere's lights will also indicate different things like updates, patches, and messages. While the voice integration of the PlayStation Camera was fairly simple, the PS5 will be able to understand more complex phrases and commands as well.

Watch the video:

What do you think of these designs? What technology would you like to see in the PS5? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey




This is mad lit


Love the levitating console and touchscreen controller concept.

I like the concept, but the

I like the concept, but the DUALSHOCK 5 shape seems too clunky and off from the traditional design on EVERY PLAYSTATION EVER. -_-


ps5 is coming out in 2020? ps4 just came out

Y tho

I love offline console gaming, so if this system demands an internet connection, I'm not getting it


Looks so futuristic


Need extra disc slot and offline gaming


Levitating PS5 Console with Touch Screen Dualshock 5 Controller

Love the controller. Genius.

Love the controller. Genius. Sony should see this. Not convinced about the floating console though, sorry.

Not what I expected

Well the controller is a little bit bulky and I don't see the real son why the console should levitate. Also this may cause andamage some damage .a because it will be quite easy to knock off


So if I understood this correctly, a diskless system. So we cannot watch BLU Rays or DVDs in it?

sur ps5

le ps5 j attend avec patiense quan va sortir ABDOU 8ans


The fact that the console levitates is so cool but kind of Easy to knock off The main focus to me is that it levitated what kind of problems can that cause the DualShock 5 contrôlée is so Cool The touch screen as well


Let's address the first issue here: No matter what kind of technology you are using, the electrogravitic concept to levitate the device will be the ultimate problem once the first consoles are released. This is where creating an enticing visual for the console, will interfere with the overall operating system,(i.e. magnets and microships within the device malfunctioning causing burnt hardrives or disallowing one to save progress and content properly.) The second main issue is the controller: Why is the directional pad crooked? The paddles itself is also too thin to accept any type of standard batteries that we're use to, meaning a charging pad would be required, MEANING... lots more $. This prototype would require a hefty warranty comparable to the one that Apple implements with their computer technology.


The Remote alright just the Ps5 is cool n nice design just is bit too big n easy to knock over n there’s no disk connection or offline play

PlayStation 5

It’s good design love it just Needs disk connection and backwards compatibility n offline play


It Needs Extra Disc slot Backwards Compatible n offline single/multiplayer gaming


I am so excited I cannot what I am so looling ford to it to come I want to know if it will have any glitches or bugs in it can you tell me if it does you can give me a text back and i would love to talk about the new system, I am so looking ford to all the new games, and all the new stuff that comes withe the new system give me a call or a text and I would love to talk .

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