David Hansson Concept Design

Awesome new PlayStation 5 console designs by David Hansson. The future of the PS5 is amazing.

PS5 Concept Design - Console
PS5 Console and Controller
Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS5 Console Concept Design David Hansson
Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS5 Console by David Hansson
Console Front View - Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Original Concept Sketches by David - Final design in progress.
PS5 Concept Design Sketch by David Hansson

Console New Features:

  • A glossy new design with blue highlights.

All PS5 concepts created by David, a talented 3D-Artist. View his portfolio here: davidhansson.deviantart.com

If you want David to create more concepts, post your comments below!

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Cuando va a salir por que

Cuando va a salir por que compre el 4 y seria muy malo porque los que ya lo compraron unos no lo van a comprar por que esta muy nuevo el 4


when is the PS5 coming out????


tan i see watch made for PS-5" games i know? did not men

playstation 5

playstation 5 20000 + out 2000+


Is this a joke? Sony always goes for a minimized look.


if there is a new ps5 console what are the features on it that the ps4 didnt have.

Hansson-Concept / Seriousity & Disciplin

The Concept looks interesting, if the blue honeycombs are a displace for the camera to use Virtual Reality! And the bright bar should be black as well, to contrast the blue lines!? If you all go and read a bit about PS5, your little questions are answered... The biggest Difference to PS4 are the TFLOPS (Terraflops), they want to build a Console with 10 TFLOPS... PS4 Slim have nearly 2, PS4 Pro have 4 and something and the new XBox will have 6 TFLOPS.

I like this design

I really like this cool design of the PS5..

PS5 Design

The blue web/webbing design looks fantastic, but I really hope that it is somewhat slim. The regular PS4 was way too bulky and heavy. The games should come in slim packaging too.

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