Playstation 5 Console and Controller by David Hansson

This amazing PlayStation 5 console concept design was created by David Hansson.

PS5 Concept Design -Console and Controllers
PS5 Console Concept Design David Hansson
Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS5 Controllers by David Hansson
Controllers - Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS5 Controller by David Hansson
Controllers - Download High Resolution Wallpaper - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Original Concept Sketches by David before the final design was created:
PS5 Concept Sketch

Console New Features:

  • Dynamic controller skins that change depending on the game being played

All PS5 concepts created by David, a talented 3D-Artist. View his portfolio here:

If you want David to create more concepts, post your comments below!

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The concept looks amazing and futuristic. I like the controllers also since, everygame to start it shows the title on your controller. I can tell that if sony sees this, they might take notes just looking at this. Yo should make more concepts of this.

dualshock 5

the dualshock 5 to the second picture it was amazing and the console desigh was like it is slim but its OK!!


It should make updates for games and you do not have to make a psn account you can do it on your dualshock5

Dont change it

Please don't change the look of the PlayStation 5 controller keep it the same as the PlayStation 4 controller it's amazing however I do like the Hologram for the Star Wars Battlefront but everything about the PlayStation 4 controller besides the Hologram can stay in the PlayStation 4 controller

playstation 5

playstation 5 bad -0 out -0

there is no such concept as

there is no such concept as -0 and even if there was, that score is equivalent to 10/10 or 10000000000000000/10000000000000000 since it all means the same thing, perfect score


Just make it backwards compatible so I can play my ps4 games on it..and download the ps4 games onto it too.

Make more concepts that

Make more concepts that controller is sick love it keep doing your job Sony

The design with the wallpaper

The design with the wallpaper on the remote is the best I personally think, Sony you should really go with this remote design.

Cosmetic Design...

Didn't they try that isometric design with Sony BD players and people didn't like it?

Ps5 controller

The sticks on the controller look like they will not fell so good, but I could be wrong.

Hansson-Concept Console and Controller

It's a cool Design, not as interactive like others and the Controller isn't really "synchrone"... Why not a squared Controller to a squared Console? And the Controller with Cameleon-Function is to much... Invest this Energy for a VirtualReality-Suit(!), everyone will buy it!!!


The is future here. so cool


I think they should add a small screen on the inside for special controllers so you could select a background type thing on the inside. The front outside would be clear to see it. Instead of getting decals, you could just get a screen controller.


i think that the ps5 will be better than other consoles and i'm looking forward to the release date of the ps5 #ps5

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