PS5 Pinball Games

For the arcade gamers who used to drop tons of quarters into classic pinball machines. Thanks to this developer, they live on.

Our Top Pick For Pinball Games on The PS5

1. Zen Studios to the Rescue!

There’s not a whole lot of Pinball games out there, but Zen Studios has long been the provider of quality pinball games. Whether it’s the Zen Pinball series or the VR-enabled Pinball FX2, you can find pinball tables that cover a wide range of themes and plenty that are based on licensed properties.

Want a Walking Dead table? They’ve got you covered. How about a Star Wars table, or a Marvel one? Yes, and yes. These tables are always detailed and full of different functions and objectives for enthusiasts. I imagine this talented developer will make an appearance on the PS5 to fill that pinball-shaped hole in your heart.

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Pinball games

I've played zen ball, but Would rather have pinball arcade.

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