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What to Expect from Sony’s DualShock 5

DualShock 5 Controller

With the PlayStation 4 release behind us, what once was new is now becoming the norm. With a new console generation upon us, it’s enough to make a person wonder exactly what the next console generation will be like. Case in point: I’ve found myself wondering exactly what we are going to expect with the announcement of the PS5 DualShock 5 controller, which will probably be released sooner than you think (if, of course, cloud gaming does not make our consoles irrelevant that is, yet that is another argument for another time). How will Sony’s DualShock controller evolve? Let’s hypothesize, shall we?

DualShock 5 Controller
PS5 Dualshock 5 Controller

The last time a controller had a screen inside of it, was the Sega Dreamcast. Like so many other things abut that console, this idea was ahead of its time. It was used for helpful information like health, ammo, and even mini-games. With the DualShock 4, Sony brought forth the touch pad, which has been used in some pretty unique ways since the launch of the PS4. The natural evolution to this part of the controller, would be a touchscreen. This would allow developers to provide valuable information for the player without taking up space on the screen.

The Wii U tried something similar during its time. Some games would place your inventory and map on the controller's touchscreen, allowing the TV screen to be free of clutter. This is the perfect way for the DualShock 5 to evolve as a controller. The touch pad will become a touchscreen.

PS5 - Dualshock 5 - Star Wars Battlefront
PS5 Dualshock 5 Star Wars Battlefront
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DualShock 5 will be the first touch-based PlayStation controller

DualShock 5 may not have any buttons; rather, it could have touch-based buttons akin to a gamepad layout you may find in an iOS game. However, when you press a button on the DualShock 5, it is going to simulate the feedback that players feel whenever they press a button on a traditional controller. For example, when you press ‘X’ to jump, the controller will provide a sensation into your thumb that makes it feel as if you are actually pressing the button due to the controller simulating the weight of the button and the mechanism that allows the button to be pressed. In a sense, the DualShock 5 simulates not only the controls of a gamepad, but also the depth in which we use the controls.

The DualShock 5 will keep the classic shape of the DualShock line, yet the area in which the controls lie will be one single screen. The controller’s screen automatically displays the current, traditional DualShock 5 layout whenever your PS5 is powered on, and if a game needs to use a specific controller layout (or add a new button altogether), you are notified via the controller before playing the game. Learning more about what each button does is simple as well, as you can press the ‘Help’ icon in the top right corner of the controller at any time. To ensure players do not accidentally press this icon during gameplay, the ‘Help’ icon is only accessibly when pressing the ‘Start’ button.

DualShock 5 charges itself via Wi-Fi

Guess what? As long as your PS5 has an active Wi-Fi connection, your DualShock 5 controllers will automatically charge themselves once they reach a certain threshold. The charge of your controller can be accessed via a menu on the controller itself, and you can choose whether you want the controller to charge at a certain point during the night (e.g. you can have your controllers charge fully when you are asleep), or you can have them to charge in-game once they reach a certain percentage. What does this mean for you? You will never have to worry about your controller dying in the middle of a game ever again!

Smart-device integration
Don’t you hate it when you get a text message or a phone call while you’re playing a game? The DualShock 5 will be able to display your text message on the screen of your controller (or on the screen of your television – you can change the option in the menu), to which you can speak , it will type your message onto your smartphone. Say, ‘Send’ (or another custom phrase, you can change this is the settings), and the DualShock 5 will communicate with your smartphone and send the text message.

Alternatively, you can pause the game, read the text message on the DualShock 5’s screen, and text back on the device itself. In a sense, the DualShock 5 acts as a ‘middle man’ between your ‘smart’ devices and you.

What about a phone call? You can choose to take the call through your controller, to which you will be able to hear and speak with the caller by holding your controller. Don’t want everyone to hear your conversation? You can reroute the call to your headset device, to which you can speak with the caller using your preferred headset while you use the controller. In fact, if you are playing with a party on your PS5, you can actually have the caller speak to all of them in-game!

Don’t want your party to listen to your conversation? You can go into private mode and speak with your caller via the headset.

Want to stream music from your smartphone to your headset or even the external speaker of your controller? You can do this as well. The DualShock 5 will have an ‘external apps’ feature, which you can use certain apps on your mobile devices for use with the controller. For example, if you want to listen to Pandora all day through your Turtle Beach headset but your iPad is in another room, you can allow the controller to communicate with the iPad and stream Pandora into your controller, which you can hear with your Turtle Beach headset.

Sharing is more powerful than ever
Sure, you can share your gameplay with others with the PS4, but with the PS5 you are going to be able to share your gameplay with literally any streaming service of your choice – simultaneously! In the settings menu of your DualShock 5 controller, you can state that your gameplay is streamed to any streaming site of your choice. For example, with one press of the ‘Share’ button, your gameplay can be streamed to Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Twitch, UStream, YouTube – and people from these sites can communicate with you in real-time!

The DualShock 5 will be able to stream comments from specific streaming websites to your mobile devices. For example, if you want to see comments from Facebook and Twitch, you can sync your mobile device to your PS5 controller and watch the comments stream straight to your mobile device. You can also comment via your voice or by typing on the mobile device itself.

In short, the DualShock 5 will be unique in that not only is it the first fully-virtual PlayStation controller, but it takes advantage of existing technology so you can have the best experience in gaming.

What would you like to see in the new Playstation DualShock 5? Why? Share your thoughts below.

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It will be cool


Its going to be fun


It will be weirdΔ

p s5 controler

It will not be weird it will be the best

PlayStation 5

It will be awesome !!!!!!!


man i already know im buying cronus max if i ever get this thing

This is ridiculous

1st off, the controller is going to be crazy strange, and no buttons? Even worse. I hate this thing, plus if it has a chip, don't you think people will mod it so it doesn't?

playstation 5

This is going to be the best gaming experience


The PS5 will come out in 2021 - 2030 and the technology will be so great so it will be awesome


It will be coming out in 2016 or 17

here is it 2016

its time 2016 with me mate

Yeah dude!

Ok man its not 2020 yet is it? The ps5 is supposed to be out in 2020!


The dualshock 5 should include a hologram circle and a touch pad

sony rocks

Have a ps2,ps4 and 3ds. in my opinion Sony is the best (don't know about xbox)


Ps is way better than xbox

Sony is way better

I also have the ps2 PS4 and the ds and 3ds from Sony I have a Xbox 360 and my brother has an Xbox one and he always wants to be on my PS4 because he says the gameplay is so much better and there are way more people in the PS4 community

The controller

I don't think that we'd be getting holographic technology this soon, but it's plausible, we didn't think the automobile would be possible until Karl Benz did it, we might get this even sooner than we imagined!

Controller is touch??

Sorry, passing on that. Playing touch is the most degenerate thing ever.

Due shock 5

I think it shuld be able to tern things on and off in my house if I set it up to do that

Ps5 yoystick


Love it

This is simply the best controller ever!


ps5 is coming out on my birthday how cool is that and im getting it for free


I have PS2, but PS5 is the game console of the future :O


Nice game looking @ d picture alone already feel lky having 1 nd hope itz not gonna cost 2much.


One thing i miss on my PS3/4 controler is more sensitivity, as you know from a Computer Mouse. The debate Mouse and Keayborad Vs Controller is still on. I love that i can sit/lay down in my couch and play any good game. The PS-VR, PS-eye and PS-move is great, but when all came to an end, I just want to relax and play a good game. Im not saying that PS5 should have Mouse and Key, but rethink the controller to beat M/K. (Special in FPS) The PS4 controller have some of it, but it could be bether. Try this: 1 Take you mobile in your hands like a PS controller. 2 Imagen you play a car-race game. 3 Use your thumps like normal. 4 Now feel with your middel-finger under the mobile. Stroke/Scroll it up and down to adjust the throttle, ad manuel gearshift as you release the under-touch and scroll up and down again. - Can you feel it? What else can you feel as you imagen-play with a thin controller with touch-pad/screen under and over?? Can you control a mouse-cursor like this?

PS5 idea

to be honest i reckon there wont actually be a console it will just be the controller and all the guts will be in the controller and with the way tech is going you wont have to worry about performance cus um sure at that time they would have figured how to put such beefy specs into a little device and if you have any doubt think of how powerful the iphone 6s is and even the iphone se for that matter there pretty impressive

Reverse PS Vita = PS5

Oh yes. So the PS5 will be a PS Vita streaming, remote play on the TV. You don't take the game with you from your home console, you continue the game at your home TV. And the next Watchdog game use real live GPS. COOL

Xbox two vs ps5

I think the xbox two is going to come out before ps5 but I wonder if the ps5 is still going to be better?


the ps5 controller sould recharge itself the dualshock 5 will win does anybody agree


It is coming out in 2018 and it's going to be awesome

Start getting real with these

Start getting real with these. I appreciate the hard work in these designs, but Holograms? Floating Consoles? Look, try to do one design that follows in the footsteps of the previous consoles. HINT HINT: NO FUTURISTIC TECH.

PS5 with touch pad

I game on both PC and PS4 and after using the steam controller I find it to be a far superior controller. I suggest 1 of 2 things for sony. Make a touch pad controller with customization features, maybe a companion app on the system. Or make a companion app for the dualshock 4 controller for a better gaming experience. I'd really like some thoughts on the idea.

PS5 Controller

it suck ps4 is the best and even xbox suck

PS5 Controller Fan

I love this PS5 controller guys, thanks!


People always think that the a new thing is gong to change everything e.g. when the iPhone 7 came out everyone thought it would have holographic display and everything. So don't expect the dual shock 5 to have levitating buttons or a small holographic projector, expect an upgrade from the dual shock 4 but not to futuristic.


If this works, it will be glorious.and awful at the same time. The touchpad replacing the buttons would be confusing, and the fact that it isn't a wired controller means the controller may have lag significant enough to make some games nearly unplayable, much like the virtual console punch-out for the wii.

Dual Shock5

Nice work please add a typing keyboard in the touchscreen or make a keyboard at bottom of controller thanks

Sony, just go home.

I didn't really enjoy the Dualshock 4, mostly because the build quality was awful and everybody knew it, and I was really hoping they'd pull their act together instead of making another remake of the original Dualshock, and they didn't make a remake, they made a worse version.


As u can see the picture of the controller it doesn't look right. On ps 4 controller it has many errors such as voice speaker,touchpad, low amount on using the controller, and the light bar. People ask other people how long ps4 controller can it run people say it runs 8 hours. If u want the controller to last longer make the controller design just like dualshock 3 let the controller compatible to run the audio headset, and wireless headset,no touchpad,no touch screen,no holographic emitte, no voice speaker(most people don't use it at all), no light bar, and no lights on L3 and R3. On the front of the controller it should say name of the controller (named “player 1 controller”).

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