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PS5 Games

PS5 Games - The kinds of Games we will see

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

While we're all excited about the PS5, it's not the console that makes a generation. No, as we all know, it's the games that define a console's success. Sony has been killing it with their exclusive titles on PS4 and PlayStation VR, but how will this translate to the PS5? That's what we're here to find out! It's time to look at the coming PS5 games that will hit the next generation console.

I know you have a lot of questions, such as how much will games cost on the PS5? All of these answers will come in due time. For now, let's take a look at the titles we expect to see on the next game console from Sony.

What Kinds of Games and Game Franchises will we see on the PS5?

Sony hasn't officially announced the PS5 or any games for it yet, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming. We've constructed pages for each genre and category in gaming for your reading pleasure. Each of these pages contains our picks for games we expect to see on the PS5.

Take a look, but beware, your imagination will be turned up to 11 from this point on:

Playstation 5 Games

The Latest PS5 Game Rumors and Announcements

How will games play on the PS5?

PS5 GamesI’m pretty convinced that the dualshock 4 is the best controller ever made. With the release of the PS4, we have another console that relies on two things above all: a television and a controller. We have seen the implementation of motion controllers, but beyond the runaway success of the original Wii, this has never taken off.

What is becoming more popular is the concept of AR or Augmented Reality. We’ve seen it with the Kinect and the PlayStation Eye Camera, but now we’re seeing high tech devices such as Google Glass that bring us a heads up display for life. The idea of projecting something else into the real world is a fascinating one and forces us to become immersed because it is happening in our world.

Sony is already selling development kits for their SmatEyeglass product that allows you to wear glasses the superimpose information onto the real world, not unlike the HUD of a game. With GPS, a built-in camera, accelerometer, and more, you'll find that these glasses feel a lot like something out of a science fiction story. Of course, these are still highly in development and not associated with gaming yet.

If we turn our attention to PlayStation VR, then we have something that is further along and ready for public consumption. PlayStation VR has pioneered the landscape by being the first virtual reality headset that functions with a modern gaming console.

The leap between high-end (and expensive) VR headsets on the PC, and something more accessible for console gamers is a sign of Sony's investment in the realm of VR. What's more interesting is how the headset uses the PlayStation Camera and the Move controllers, both of which were put to rest long before they reached their potential.

Virtual reality seems like more than a passing phase, and it's fair to assume that this trend will carry over to PS5. We may see a more powerful version of the headset Sony is releasing now, but more likely the PS5's hardware will empower the headset to deliver even better experiences.

Sony also filed a patent for a glove controller that suggests how they plan to evolve the input methods for games. All of this points to a hybrid console that could offer VR as an added feature.

What games do you think we’ll see on the PS5? Are there anymore franchises you think will cross over into the coming generation? Tell us in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey

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I think there will be also

I think there will be also Grand Theft Auto 6 & 7 , like 5 games from the FIFA Series, Grand Turismo 10 to 15/16; Skyrim series , and many more

elder scrolls

pisses me off when people say skyrim series, not sure why, but it is the elder scrolls series, skyrim is one of five installments and in my opinion not even the best, just the latest

I love Gran Turismo ps5

I love Gran Turismo ps5 better have it and the game has over 1000 cars and roads and licenses


There were games on ps3 and ps4 i think there might be some sonic games on ps5.

Mario Zelda and mods

I love Zelda and mario so I'm happy it's going to be on a SONY game console and I just want to say there should be more mods ps5 needs a massive moding community

mario dystany hybride be alwsoume

hi there mario dystany hybride alwsoumenintedo never brought out ms princess peach mr browser game wich is anouther one princees prach game was alwsoume luigi mantion waaa alwasoume i wiched gameers be open too hybride mario halo games instead of nario or halo hybride gaves you mario and halo in one game mushroom kindoom and halo universse necuase yybrude games onky one mario sonic pusles i guss it failed big time becuase mo more hybrides games

not any more

hi there not any more becuase microsfot relased it too mac ox and ios andrids have halo know infact there is halo mine craft too what that last coment soo sony going orobaly get it last mac ix has halo ios halo androud has halo crhome os i dont knoelw for chome books and chome tops besids ply station and chrome i think all devices i will find out more if i can it be cool god f war halo hybride game final fatasy halo game hybride game combo

Halo is for xbox

Halo is for xbox but xbox and microsoft are terrible halo would be better on playstation.

Games Suggestion

1. Mafia Series 2. Uncharted Series 3. God Of War Series 4. Watch Dogs Series (specially) If These Come O n Ps5 also then that will be fabulous.


Will their be more grantorismo game series and will you be able to use your previous psn account from the ps3 on the ps5

PS5 game ideas

Bring that game back I use to have the PlayStation and one of my favorite games was twisted metal 2 and Tekken 3 Tony hawk pro skater 2




I believe the ps5 games I think will be coming is below 1. mlb the show 2. fifa soccer 3. nba live 4. more ufc games 5. wwe 2k 6. minecraft 7. gta 6 8. madden football nfl is still here 9. call of duty and halo and gears of war fans are yalll excited


I need Midnight Club with Roof Scoops added. Need For Speed Underground 3, the development from Underground 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Gran Turismo and Ratchet and Clank games. Thats all I can think of at the moment.

so damn cool

It would be so awesome to see the Nintendo characters in PlayStation graphics and OMG SUPER SMASH BROS PS VERSION

how old are you dumbass

Nintendo hates Sony, Nintendo tried to make a disc thing for the Nintendo Entertainment System and accidentally created the Sony PlayStation.


Ps5 will see a call of duty infinite warfare 2 and a call of duty advanced warfare 0 and a call of duty ghosts 3 coming as a game and a call of duty 4


im so exited. iam waiting for this playstation!!!! whats the date when its comes out. i hope that is very soon.


Definitely gta6


ps5 should have call of duty black ops 4 and new style of dual shock 5 controllers


I would love to see a lot of the PlayStation classics be updated like legend of dragoon and the original ff series not to mention rock and roll racing among several others

PS5 Games to come!!

I am SO very anxious for GOD OF WAR!!! Since the Ancension came out I cannot put it down!! Thank you for keeping me gaming!!!

PS5 And PS4

Will games from the PS4 be compatible on the PS5? Yes or no? If not I might spend a lot Plus all of you above suck at spelling.

PS5 Games Boi

We should have assasions creed games on the ps5. Other games that could be cool are Minecraft, Skryrim (i know it's overused) The witcher 3 wild hunt with updated graphics, and the sims 4 or maybe 5 in the future!

The ps5 should create Gran

The ps5 should create Gran Turismo games with 1000 cars, many roads, and licenses. Xbox one x plays xbox one x and Xbox 360. Ps5 should play ps3,ps4,ps5. Then the system will be very fun.

Minecraft, Terraria and

Minecraft, Terraria and Stardew Valley and all the popular sandbox games should be on PS5


How about the ps5 being an addon to ps4 and at a real reasonable price??


god of war

Gundam Game

Anyone know if any Gundam games are coming out for Playstation 5.


Bio shock, dead space, mars campign, planet campign, planet battle royal, silent hill and twisted metal garage simulator. That would be a bunch of sweet ps5 games right there awesome. Tc.


Splinter cell blacklist remastered, midnight club LA remastered. And something very like P.T. silent hill by Konami that was cancelled . Looked like an unreal game was a pitty it was cancelled

Please grid

I need Sony to make grid and minecraft and Midnight club LA in ps5 otherwise I will be mad

lol none of this is confirmed

You all got pranked none of this is true, GTA VI isn't confirmed by Rockstar. And same goes with sony.

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