PlayStation 5 Concept Designs

These PS5 console concept designs come from some of the best designers around the world.

PS5 Console, Controller,
& Virtual Actuality Designs

Danny Haymond Jr
Unique sketches with console & controllers with virtual reality glasses.
PS5 Concept - Danny Haymond Jr

In this first collection, Danny Haymond Jr. shows off his vision for a PS5 that features a simple design, but some truly high-end features. With support for 3D holograms on both the system and the controller, the game will come to life right in front of you.

Even if we can't project 3D holograms, some sort of augmented reality solution could provide the same effect. All you would need are glasses that change your perception of the world around you. In the second collection, you'll find a completely different concept that utilizes the cloud for instant game streaming.

Sony has always focused on consoles that look sleek while also providing excellent performance. The future promises both form and function. Keep checking back here as we add more exclusive designs.

Take a look at some of the ways Sony will define the look and feel of the PS5. Download these high resolution designs and make them your wallpaper, let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments!

PS5 Levitating Console and Dualshock 5 Controller
Danny Haymond Jr
The Next Generation PS5 gaming and entertainment system.
The systems unique cloud based operating system requires no physical gaming disc.
PS5 Concept - Danny Haymond Jr

Traditional PS5 Holographic Gaming Experience - Gaming comparative with current day experience - Holographic displays on console and controller give another dimension of gaming - can display maps, upgrades, etc. - buttons and analog pads are room temperature quantum locked super conductors that respond to the slightest movement.

PS5 Portable - Transform Concept
Kevin Tan
PS5 Transform concept design
PS5 Portable Transform - Kevin Tan

The world is moving towards a portable future, and this concept showcases just that. Imagine folding the PS5 into a smartphone sized device and taking it with you wherever you go. Once you've reached a spot where you want to play, transform it into the image you see here and insert the disc into the now fully functional drive. Combine this with a VR headset and no place is off limits for you. Never stop playing, right?

PS5 Slim Concept
Kevin Tan
Check out this PS5 Slim / Sleek concept design
Playstation 5 Slim - Kevin Tan

Who needs a breakable glass screen when we can have a malleable and slim console that uses an unbreakable screen and components that go with you. There's slim, and then there's this.

Playstation 5 Console
David Hansson
A unique textured futuristic Playstation 5 console with 2 different angles.
Playstation 5 Console - David Hansson

The PS5 may not come as a console like we're used to, but if it does, it would look something like this. All of that new hardware under the hood will require a more advanced, possibly liquid, cooling system. Our concept here features blue hexagons that would make for the perfect design choice to showcase such a type of system. Fans just won't cut it when things get this hot.

PS5 Console & Controller Design
David Hansson
Awesome design with controllers that can be skinned based on the game being played.
Playstation 5 Concept - David Hansson

This design calls to mind the classic designs of PlayStation, but there's a new twist. Sony has taken the DualShock's lightbar design to the next level here with controllers that are skinned based on the game that is being played. Say you're doing a little Ghost Recon. Maybe then the controllers will take on a camouflage hue just to add to the realism.

All of the current evidence points to a concept like this one. A system with a network capability to stream games from the cloud. In addition, virtual reality and holographic technology is used to add an added level of realism and futuristic edge. All of these concepts are in the running, but evidence thus far points to something like this with factors from all the rest included.

Of course, we're just getting started. Which design jumps out at you? Be sure to click on the pictures for more angles and wallpaper sized resolutions. When you're done, let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey

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Wnr come PlayStation 5 out

The Future Is Now!

I'm really loving David Hansson's PS5 Console & Controller Design as well as Danny Haymond Jr's PS5 Console, Controller, & Virtual Actuality Designs. If the PlayStation systems look anything like these in the future we are in for a treat!


The Danny Haymond Jr's PS5 Console, Controller, & Virtual Actuality Design is my pick..


I like the the design

Sick Ass

David Hansson you're a God that looks awesome, Sony should really look into your design it is very futuristic. If it did come out I would get it straight away. That controller and console design doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The design

The PS5 controller should include a touch pad that you can touch and browse like a tablet if you don't want to use the PS5 itself. The controller should include a hologram circle at the top where you can see holograms and the console should be also backwards compatible so you can play PS1,2,3,4 and 5 games and for the main menu it should be like both the PS3 and 4 and you can play DVDs. The console look should be like the futuristic one with the honey cones (the second picture) by David Hasson (shout out to him) and the design should be like the PS4 with the touch pad and the hologram circle


I love your idea for a PlayStation 5 concept being backwards compatible to play all previous PlayStation games however I also feel as though it being able to play DVDs would be too much the reason is because that's why they came up with the PlayStation 4 in the digital download games they took out the backwards compatibility and the DVD compatibility for it to make room for the blu-ray disc compatibility and for the virtual download games I hope this helps

Playing all games

I really would like the ps5 to Play all games from ps1 up woulds because I hate the idea from all the years I have played the ps1 from being young to now we still can't play the games a new console when it has come out.

I agree

I agree



Backwards Compatibility - YES PLEASE

To have the next playstation be able to be backwards compatible with ALL games as mentioned (PS1, 2, 3,4 & 5 games) would be the ultimate. Please see if this is possible.


The console should also allow you to upload previous data (games,video,pics,music, Play station Store, main menu games download and game disc data) from your ps3 and 4 to your ps5 through usb connection and PSN account


You should make it the first ever backwards compatible system from ps1 to ps4. For the ps5 no System on market ever can say that they can do that!!!!!!! Sony says that they design a system for gamers so let's play to the gamers. theirs nothing like puting in your copy of gta vice city and throwing down! Or how about the first time we put in our copy of tekken. Sony can't lose money from doing something like this if any thing they will make money no one want to spend more money downloading a game you payed for once. even if it is only $2.99. remember Sony it's about the experience!!!!!!

Are all people stupid or what

Sony is making millions by fools like u I mean a machine is a machine what you pay for is a game and don't even get that you get half a game and got to buy extra add ons so in total how much money are you paying for a game think about who are the fools who started to buy add ons in the first place now the whole world has to suffer


Yes, sony id making millions off us gamers, im pretty sure we all know that, but if they did ll those things, they would be making billions of dollars, and at the same time making the consumer happy, and making a very good community. If they do this, then it will attract more and more customers, making them more money. and a machine isn't just a machine. certain machines like gaming consoles make people happy, and provide ways to meet friends, and make friends that you might have never been able to even think about before. and in some cases they even help people with mental problems. and when you say "What you pay for is a game and don't even get that you get half a game and got to buy extra add ons so in total how much money are you paying for a game think about it.." some people want to support the game so it cna be better and better. and yeah, about 75% of the money goes into their pocket but they use 25% to help the platform itself for the enjoyment for the community, so in the end, they arent as bad as you think. maybe you should think about it Arron.


Playstation 5 holographic system ps2 ps 3 ps 4 cD support all new fetures full hd game and hd videos perfect experience game


In my opinion,the PS5 will come out in December 2017.

#2 and #3

#2 and #3

Ideas for the PS5

I would like to see you guys add these features that would blow all competition out the water the first is allowing gamers to play there own download music while playing any game. Second should be that you can connect any device via Bluetooth so it's easier to download your music videos etc. to your console. Third should be that all online play requires you to have any kind of Bluetooth headset or a microphone of some kind. Fourth it should be liquid resistance like from drinks with sugar cause people make mistakes people have kids. Fifth should be its shatter proof meaning you have to run it over with a Mac truck before it breaks cause people do have accidents do happen. And but not least the six thing you should do is have every PS5 covered under warranty for at least 3 years cause even if it doesn't break externally it can break internally....hope to see a few of my idea on the new PS5 I know there great ideas and if you would like to hear more of my ideas just reply to these with a contact number and we can talk all day about other ideas.

David Hansson's version is

David Hansson's version is the only one that comes close to a possibility IMO. The others are either ugly, overly complex, or impractical.


Add virtual play that would be coolest thing ever

i have the 3rd

I cant get a ps4 but I got a ps3

3 AND 4

I HAVE 2,3 AND 4


I like the designs of 1 and 3... but I think it's due time to take a leap into virtual reality

Like number two

But pls,.... loose the disks! it is at this moment allready out of time. 2017 or 2020 maybe a data carrier (usb or something new)... but in my opinion just a internet connection...

Content will keep increasing.

Content will keep increasing. Disks will remain relevant. It'll support UHD Blu-ray.

4k or 5k gaming

This console should include 4k gaming because everyone is complaining about that,saying that pc is better.I mean,till 2020 there will be 4k tv's like 2k tv's from now,more cheap and used by many more people.We really need the 4k


There is 4k Tv's, LOL.


I think you should go with the holographic one so i don't need TVs to play but it will be limited to my house only so my second option is the portable or slim one so epwe can use VR which is cooler :)

no portable crap

While a futuristic consolé looks great, and if it comes out like that I won't complain, I'd rather it stays a HOME console, meaning no stupid portable foldy crap. Also, I'd prefer the controllers to stay simple. And please keep the discs, and if sony goes for a more digital game, at least have it in a box, so we can at least show the games off. I'd rather have a cabinet full of awesome looking game boxes (i cant remember what the names for where the discs are) than just a crate full of whatever Sony decides to use. Also, please don't have the screen on the console, that's just stupid. Also, at some point in the future, do what Xbox did and have the ps5 compatible with ps4 and MAYBE Ps3.

The Slim One

I think that your concepts are very futuristic and emmaculate. Intergrade touch screen system that allows you to be more in control of your console. Such things that maybe considered as better voice control and built-in sensor for Playstation's "Motion". P.S. You're the best Thamar

Please put the USB on the

Please put the USB on the back of the console and do also put a bigger fan in the console and my last question please make it more quiet over all The console should be a bit bigger

Kevin Tan/Slim Concept

i think Kevin Tan's idea is great but it would need to be able to withstand scratches and other things like that so the console will be pretty tough but at the same time it should look awesome.


PS5 Console, Controller, & Virtual Actuality Design

Playerstation 5

Well I was wondering that will there be a screen on controller that you can in car and vacation


I'm done... Going to switch to PC. Screw both of the consoles... Money hungry bastards

Ps5 1#

I really want first ps5 (portable) to come out. Becaus you will just take ps5 to your friend and play together.

This idea will blow out xbox so badly

I like Kevin Tan's idea and David Hansson's idea for Kevin Tan that ps5 idea is fantastic you should've thought of changing the size to like a PS4 console and a different size of let's about like tablet. David Hansson you should keep that idea. For Kevin Tan you should make it like change the size from top to bottom and left to right.

PS5 Slim / Sleek concept

I like the PS5 Slim / Sleek concept. I am totally redeemed about Sony and its PlayStation series. Any good job and you got my purchase of the PS5 Slim / Sleek concept . Any way you got my heart with the hologram and the cool disk drive.


Does it had an update for PlayStation4 I bought it 1 month ago and does it read PlayStation5 disc's?And when ?it comes my PlayStation4 is old


This ps5 design is killing me


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