PlayStation 5 Concept Designs

These PS5 console concept designs come from some of the best designers around the world.

PS5 Console, Controller,
& Virtual Actuality Designs

Danny Haymond Jr
Unique sketches with console & controllers with virtual reality glasses.
PS5 Concept - Danny Haymond Jr

In this first collection, Danny Haymond Jr. shows off his vision for a PS5 that features a simple design, but some truly high-end features. With support for 3D holograms on both the system and the controller, the game will come to life right in front of you.

Even if we can't project 3D holograms, some sort of augmented reality solution could provide the same effect. All you would need are glasses that change your perception of the world around you. In the second collection, you'll find a completely different concept that utilizes the cloud for instant game streaming.

Sony has always focused on consoles that look sleek while also providing excellent performance. The future promises both form and function. Keep checking back here as we add more exclusive designs.

Take a look at some of the ways Sony will define the look and feel of the PS5. Download these high resolution designs and make them your wallpaper, let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments!

PS5 Levitating Console and Dualshock 5 Controller
Danny Haymond Jr
The Next Generation PS5 gaming and entertainment system.
The systems unique cloud based operating system requires no physical gaming disc.
PS5 Concept - Danny Haymond Jr

Traditional PS5 Holographic Gaming Experience - Gaming comparative with current day experience - Holographic displays on console and controller give another dimension of gaming - can display maps, upgrades, etc. - buttons and analog pads are room temperature quantum locked super conductors that respond to the slightest movement.

PS5 Portable - Transform Concept
Kevin Tan
PS5 Transform concept design
PS5 Portable Transform - Kevin Tan

The world is moving towards a portable future, and this concept showcases just that. Imagine folding the PS5 into a smartphone sized device and taking it with you wherever you go. Once you've reached a spot where you want to play, transform it into the image you see here and insert the disc into the now fully functional drive. Combine this with a VR headset and no place is off limits for you. Never stop playing, right?

PS5 Slim Concept
Kevin Tan
Check out this PS5 Slim / Sleek concept design
Playstation 5 Slim - Kevin Tan

Who needs a breakable glass screen when we can have a malleable and slim console that uses an unbreakable screen and components that go with you. There's slim, and then there's this.

Playstation 5 Console
David Hansson
A unique textured futuristic Playstation 5 console with 2 different angles.
Playstation 5 Console - David Hansson

The PS5 may not come as a console like we're used to, but if it does, it would look something like this. All of that new hardware under the hood will require a more advanced, possibly liquid, cooling system. Our concept here features blue hexagons that would make for the perfect design choice to showcase such a type of system. Fans just won't cut it when things get this hot.

PS5 Console & Controller Design
David Hansson
Awesome design with controllers that can be skinned based on the game being played.
Playstation 5 Concept - David Hansson

This design calls to mind the classic designs of PlayStation, but there's a new twist. Sony has taken the DualShock's lightbar design to the next level here with controllers that are skinned based on the game that is being played. Say you're doing a little Ghost Recon. Maybe then the controllers will take on a camouflage hue just to add to the realism.

All of the current evidence points to a concept like this one. A system with a network capability to stream games from the cloud. In addition, virtual reality and holographic technology is used to add an added level of realism and futuristic edge. All of these concepts are in the running, but evidence thus far points to something like this with factors from all the rest included.

Of course, we're just getting started. Which design jumps out at you? Be sure to click on the pictures for more angles and wallpaper sized resolutions. When you're done, let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey

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not bad

not bad concepts, but in real life sony always use ugly and easy looking for playstation consoles, probably a waffle maker looklikes or bread roasted makers lol.

PS5 Slim and Sleek Concept

It will be so cool to bring it to you friends house but they should make it plus in the tv so they don't have to look at a little tv on the ps5 that will be so cool

not bad

I love slim it looks so cool

ps5 slim

I usually would go for the regular console but the slim fye


This is cool, not gonna lie, but unless you lower the price, I think there would be more sold. I'd buy it for 1000 dollars if it has the best qualities, extensions, storage, graphics, games... This is still cool, I may buy it


I think the price of ps 5 might b way over $1000 the price me b $1100-$3000

Ps5 ideas

You should try to make controllers that have a little screen so you can have maps or messages there, like Nintendo has. Or main add different kinds of controls. Like one with holo, one with a big screen, and one with moving sensors. And I really hope you are going to make a console that looks a little bit like PS4, and that can play DVD and BluRay. But the idea about "mini" consoles that you can take with you, was an great idea! Maybe you can make a pack with both mini-ps5 and the console-ps5.

PS5 split screen

Be great if you could run two TVs off one console ...rather than split screening for 2 play

I pick..

Haymond JR The virtual reality glasses


I kind of wish they came out with a modular design. Something like those round chairs you can mount multiple monitors on? You start with the console, then the chair with plug-and-play ports for controllers. Finally there would be adding monitors that go up, down, left, and right of the central monitor until, after A LOT of money you have your own personal VR pod. Then we could swap out monitors, consoles, and controllers as new tech is developed to enhance the experience. Rather than paying all the money upfront (which I have to save for FOREVER to afford) we could basically spend money in instalments. Win-win, plus universal plug-and-play tech, Yay!

New design

Maybe you guys should make the ps5 in a silinder shape and the and you should make the dualshock 5 in a LED design so you can change the dualshock 5 colour.


They have levatating products im impressed Sony


all of them are great designs hopefully the games are 4k and also have more accessable features..

games novos continuaçao e novls ps5

Top melhores games 4k para ps5 Playstation 5 e novos metal gear solid,novos yakuza,zone of the enders novos

No Disc

There is likely to be NO disc in the PS5. Reasons are many. Unreliable component, costs extra, takes up extra space, requires human interface design element, and most influential, it's a gap in their DRM mechanism since you can resell or swap a disc. They don't make money from that. Their dependancy on the Store, like everyone else is becoming an unwaveringly complete set of control over their customers. I might add that it controls them too.

Same as PS4

All but maybe 1 of these, was used for PS4 concepts too... So we probably won't see any of these. Just thought I would point that out.


I whould love if the ps5 had it where you are able to play on the tv and take it where ever you please by takeing off of the dock that come's with the console that whould be so cool.


Like the 1245 Design just the 2nd Design need CD connection n Backwards Compatible The 4th Design might be touch screen but it needs a good Remote Battery Last All these consoles need Backwards connections with ps123 to ps4 n ps5 games needs Bluetooth for the music

All of these mooks and their run on sentences...

All of these comments are from bulb headed, low wattage, high chair gurglers who have zero understanding of what console gaming actually is. Expect something moderate in design, not completely different from the previous generations. There will be no liquid cooling, no “backwards compatibility” and no holograms. The controller will largely resemble those that preceded it. Expect a system that struggles but achieves 1440p at 60 frames per second and 2160p at 25-30. If anyone here really believes we’re goin to have higher frame rates and resolution combos higher than that of a mid tier gaming PC, you are dreaming. All of these designs are crap. Go back to the drawing board.


I like the portable cause the past play stations are all HOME consoles . We need fun outside of home . Good idea . But get rid of the disks. Do cards or USB s .


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