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Get ready to rock with the next generation Playstation 5!



PS 5 Countdown

I Love Playstation more than girls :-)

PS5 Fans

Hah! Well we have a feeling you are not the only one!


Guys ps5 has better graphics alot better and it looks cooler.And its best what players can get.And this should be the last playstation. So give some respect to these guys. Peace out


Anyways since u are the Administrator what will be the price of PlayStation 5?


What do u mean?

play station 5

no ps 4 will be the last . and ps 4 graphics is real life . why should ps 5 come in 2020 ? it is imposible that ps 5 will come . it is a rumour . ps 4 is very expensive .


Yes the PS4 Is Like 350 at nfm and over

About ps5 coming

I am agreeing that why should ps5 come out, ps4 is already great! And then they are making aanother ps in the ps series. I bet that the console shape, looks, and even more stiff will look the same... So there is no point in making ps5


Stick to ps4 Sony all people are not millionaires dame it be satisfied with what you have we are.....soooo annoying you gave made billions off ps2,3,4 price drop now youl hit the people who can't afford 300£ dame


Well, i would love the holographic effect anyway, but the thing is ps4 has most things , touchpad,more games, looks cooler so yeah ps4 should be the last


I think the playstation5 should come out in 2017 and it should cost 250$

Why ps5 should not cost $250

It should not cost that little if it is a new console, $250 is to cheap.but the idea of it coming out very soon I like.


In your freaking dreams!!!


i think the play station should come out on October 4,2018

playstation 5

WOW sony is making another thing.But people of india cant afford buy a ps1 itself.Than how will they buy a brand new playstation 5 of sony.So sony please dont release ps5 in india.


they should make it come out dec 4 2020


How dare you


Ps4 is the best and it should be the last one plese

Ps5 release date

Ps5 should be released January 13 2019

Please remake the version of

Please remake the version of thrilleville off the rails by Lucas arts. They were bought out years ago and haven't made anything close to it


La os5 Sortira en 2018 ou 2019 je ne c est pas encore il y a pas de date prévue encore ni le prix fixe.


PS5 Will be released in 2020 or even later.

If they have almost 100 % bc ps to ps4

If sony ps5 have almost 100 % backwards compatible games ps1 to ps4 that includes ps2 and ps3 games i would pay the money to get it up to 850 dollars after taxes if they have a bundle package like 3 or 4 games two controllers and a charger. if not maybe 525 dollars after taxes if they didn't have a game but bc ps to ps4 but bhave 1 controller and a game. and the extra controller be 50 dollars and ps5 games buy 1 get one have price on online. for at the least 80 dollars before taxes.

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