Would you pay $2000 US Dollars for a PS5?

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Who would?

Who would everyone just say no there is no point to spend $2000 for a ps5 just say no


Yeah your right it's not worth it.But what if they can lower down the price

Better price

I think that 600-800$ is better..


i also think it should be but 500-800

Ridiculous price!

I'm sure the people that vote "yes", don't work and have no idea what $ 2000 for a console is. They should allow to vote people 18 and older only.

$2000 for a ps5... No

I'm 13 and I said no bc that's just incredibley over priced. I think paying for ps plus is already as ridiculous as it is, like that's the reason I got into PlayStation to not buy online and I'm still pissed.


No that's dumb it should be 400 dollar's like it always way's


why ps5 is 2000$ if you can 500$ or fewer

No way!

No, I do not want PS5! PS4 just released! I still think that is bad, bad, so bad idea.


I'm a diehard Playstation fan but 2000 dollars, I would never spend that much! Not everyone is rich you know. Average families (like me) are wanting something that is $400 dollars, not $2000. You would get a lot less buyers and your business would lose to Xbox (nobody wants that, Xbox sucks).

Too much

PS5 is too expensive and i dont want xbox2

How about no.

I'd pay $500 maximum for any console, Microsoft is going to charge a ton anyway though that's why PlayStation usually has a consumer advantage... I don't think Playstation will even charge that much anyway. $800 is probably about right, then I'd just wait a few years until the price is reduced., and if it's not, I won't be buying it. And I agree with Nicolas, this poll should be exclusively for adults.

Thats crazy

Why 2000$ that is just too much. No one will buy that. I love PlayStation but that is just a ridiculous price. I'll pay 400$ to 500$ any day.

Really Dumbfounded

I am young and I would never ask my parents to buy me something that is 400 or more that is ludicrous. I care about my future and would never buy something that is $2000!

The most reasonable is 500$ at the most,

Bust I would pay 400 $, because at the year 2018-2020 processors would become extremely cheap so the cheaper the processors the cheaper the console and faster it gets. So may the PS4 conquer the world.THE FORCE AWAKENS !


For the Ps5 to be sold for $2000 it would have to be truly amazing and quite a big leap ahead of the Ps4. I can't think of too many people who have $2000 to throw around lightly or spend on your nephews christmas gift. Now if the Ps5 was incredible and had an amazing virtual reality that felt like it took you out of this world or holograms or touch holograms or something along those lines then I think it's safe to say people will scrap up money from anywhere to buy it regardless if it's $2000 with features like those. Honestly think of how many people bought those hoverboards at their cost. At first people ignored it because of the price but as soon as people started noticing it it became popular and tons of people bought them.

Well ok m8

Guys we should probably put yes imagine how cool it would be nevermind the $2000 it would be so cool.


I will buy a ps5 to 400$ any seconds

absolubly no

2000$ is so much. I am 16 years old but i know that my parents would never buy it because if that is the crazy price.

Yes if the games were like $20 each

I might get it if it has all of these things: Holographic PlayStation Realistic Graphics Cheap Cheap Cheap games Not making a really bad console such as the Xbox Sony must make all the accessories cheap If any of these are left out then $2000 is out of the question

Regarding PS5 Price

I would pay more for a ps5 if it were upgradable

Regarding PS5 price

I would never and will never pay that much for a system. They aren't even making good games anymore just recycle old titles from previous playstation systems and in 5 years come out with a new system with less single player options than the previous version and nickel and dime you along the way for.They are trying to ram multiplayer down our throats. If I cant put a game disc into the ps5 I will NEVER buy it

No Way $2,000??

That's too much Dollars!?!? because it's saving $20 each of months but... this.... $2,000?? will be almost 10 years!? for saving $20 each of months oh come! NO WAY!

Too much

2000$ is a lot I mean your tech is amazing stuff I thought not possible but not everyone has 2000$ lying around


I'm okay with spending $800, but I know right after it follows a holiday opening the price drops a bit and that's when I'll bite!


Would you pay $500 for it?

$800 is the max it should be

$800 is the max it should be even if it has amazing new features other systems will follow quickly and with the cost of games and accessories on top of it any more than that is crazy for the people they market the system for better be amazing for $800


I think that 2000$ is to much for a Console, so I think the price should be 1000$ if its good quality and good sound

Ummm.... it's just a GAME!! -_-

$2000 for a damn GAME?? LMAOOoooo..... :-D OMG, that's hilarious! I won't even pay that for a friggin BIG SCREEN TV, because ultimately you still end up at 2am - half sleep in your sofa watching old reruns of Seinfeld or Sanford & Son in HI-DEF!! Wow, I never knew Lamont's afro had CURLS in it!! :-0 Yeah, that revelation is worth $2,000. LOLOL.. :-D Well same thing for PS5... IT'S JUST A DAMN GAME!! smh People who will pay that kind of money for a damn game that will be half the price 1-2 years later are just EXTREMELY petty, VERY bored, or just WAY overpaid!!


$2k buys a MONSTER rig that does far more than any game console. $2k is a decent down payment on a car.

Not worth paying $2000

New releases are too soon, so no point in paying so much when a newer model is released 3 months down the line.

1$ please

i want 1$ and 8k

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