PS5 Transformer - Portable Concept by Kevin Tan

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A PS5 portable design that transforms based on usage. This Innovative PS5 concept was created by graphic artist Kevin Tan.

PS5 Portable Open
PS5 Portable Open
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PS5 Portable - Transforming
PS5 Portable Opening Up
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PS5 Portable - Vertical Mode
PS5 Portable Vertical Mode
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PS5 Portable - Closed Mode
PS5 Portable Closed Mode
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PS5 Portable Plus Carrying Case
PS5 Portable Carrying Case
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PS5 Portable Packed In Carrying Case
PS5 Portable Packed In Carrying Case
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PS5 Transform Earlier Concept Phase
PS5 Transform - Kevin Tan
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Is it possible that the PS5 will be a portable console? Our modern society is very reliant on smartphones. More and more people are playing their games on the go, so could these be the focus of the PS5? Tell us your thoughts and if you would like to see more concepts by this designer, post your comments below!

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Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation is a home entertainment console. The PSP has already been done.

Just replying

True but the same problem has been happening to game consoles. There are constantly New consoles coming out forcing people to get the "biggest and best newest thing" out there. It will eventually happen to the psp whether we like it or not.


That is awesome, I wish could afford one of those. My mom doesn't have the money.

How u suppost to hold it?

Like it looks good and all and i can see where the left arm would be but how idk im kinda confused

Ps5 transform

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT. I'm totally gonna this when I comes Stat saving your money dudes

Ps5 portable

Think this would be the coolest thing ever. If this is what Sony is going for they could make it like a large PS Vita so you can play it on the go and if you want to rest and play GTA 6 or COD black ops 6 just plug in the HDMI and the charger to your amazing system.

scratch and skip it

This looks alright and everything but the disc would totally end up getting ruined,from either bumping,shaking,falling ect.. Bad idea for that aspect (plus many ppl can't take care of disc as it is,even when its protected)

Word !

Word !

I like the idea, I do not

I like the idea, I do not like the disc exposed. Maybe no disc reader period and digital purchased games only.


What is the point of having a foldable PS5 if you can just carry it in a case, it completely defeats the purpose.

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