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Download the PS5 logo! Choose from 3 different sizes. If you have a logo concept you think should be added contact us and we will give you credit!

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PS5 Large Logo

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Concept logo created by: David Hansson

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playstation 5

ps5 xl logo amzing 100000 out 100000

Oh god Ps5

Omg i want this NOW


I have a PS4 but I want a PS5 right at this moment!!!!


Is it gonna be released in Europe to? :)


i want the ps5 to be release at 2018-219

EX Xbox prgrammer

I moved from Microsoft Gaming to PlayStation Gaming because Xbox is all about getting money out of you; If you want a special gun you need to spend your own money not you gaming skills to get it. Micro$oft turned me off right there. Like Forza 5 you better have your wallet ready to even come close to winning.

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