What feature is most important to you in the new PS5?

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Include a Blu-Ray / Game Disc player - Or sell a version with it
5% (44 votes)
Backwards compatibility - I want to be able to play all my PS4 games
34% (296 votes)
Graphic Processing Power - GPU (Full 4K or better Support)
20% (174 votes)
Games - More games and better games
13% (113 votes)
Processing Power - CPU - Clock Speed / Performance
8% (73 votes)
Hard Drive Space and Speed (Solid State Drive - Faster Load Times)
8% (66 votes)
VR - More VR focus
5% (47 votes)
Console Design - Make it beautiful
3% (23 votes)
Controllers - Focus on incredible controller design
4% (36 votes)
Total votes: 872



Personally I would do all the options you offered. Except not play the ps4 games on the ps5. You did that with the ps3 & it was meh & only certain games anyways. Go big or go home. Kick some xbox azz. Sincerely playstation ride or die fan.


i want games like star citizen to play on consoles and ps5 will be the first console to play 100GB games

I haven't even really seen it but I'm so happy!!

I'm a fellow PS4 player and I really wanted my PS3 games backwards compatible with my PS4 and now it's arriving. I think this console will blast off and I'm going to really enjoy it.

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