PS5 vs Xbox One X: How Sony Will Dominate

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PS5 vs XBox One X

The gaming industry is in a weird place right now. With the release of PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X on the horizon, we are getting new consoles that exist in the same generation as their brethren. The power of the Xbox One X could easily be touted as “next-gen,” and yet, Microsoft prefers to keep it in this generation.

We already know that Sony is planning to release a PS5 in the future, despite the existence of the PS4 Pro calling the future into question, but how will the PS5 compete with the Xbox One X? Is it all about power, or are there some key features that should be included in Sony’s next generation console? Join us as we look at how Sony is going to put Microsoft in their place with the PS5.

Microsoft Talks Big About Xbox One X

Microsoft has been extremely proud of themselves since E3 2017. They’ve been touting Xbox One X as the “most powerful console ever built” and, while they’re not wrong, it seems to be going to their heads. Even the Microsoft E3 2017 press briefing saw the entire staff wearing t-shirts that stated “I witnessed the most powerful console ever.”

PS5 vs Xbox One X

They should be proud, though, because the specs on Xbox One X are certainly impressive. Where they should be careful, however, is how they stoke the flames of competition. They’ve poked the bear that is Sony before, and it didn’t go well for them. We all remember the unveiling of the Xbox One and Sony’s excellent rebuttal.

Despite this, Phil Spencer still sent some warning shots across Sony’s bow in an interview with Eurogamer. During this interview, he was asked if the $100 price difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X concerned him.

His response:

"I look at Pro as more of a competitor to the Xbox One S, than I do to the Xbox One X. This is a true 4K console. If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it’s in a different league than any other console that’s out there."

He doesn’t even acknowledge the PS4 Pro as a competitor! It’s true that Xbox One X does have more power than the Pro, but if it’s not going to compete with Sony’s current lineup, then the only other option is to compete with the PS5.

PS5 Standing Up

How Can Xbox One X Possibly Compete With PS5?

Phil Spencer has set the stage for the coming battle, and it’s going to be a bloody one. Xbox One X does indeed have the power, but it’s missing one key factor: the ability to truly use it. If Xbox One X is going to compete with PS5, it needs to have the separation that only a generation can provide.

Right now, everything that releases on Xbox One X has to work on the other Xbox One consoles. Backwards and forwards compatibility is a major feature of the system, after all. While it’s impressive from a consumer standpoint, I believe Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot with this decision.

Without the ability to truly focus and direct the hardware into next generation titles, Xbox One X will always be held back by the weaker consoles in the Xbox Family. It can never have a title exclusive to it, because that title won’t work on Xbox One or the S model.

Meanwhile, Sony’s PS5 will be a generational leap. It will bid adieu to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro as it steps into a bold new horizon of gaming. Sony never holds back, so we can only imagine what kind of specs the PS5 will bring to the table. Suffice to say, it will be much more powerful than Xbox One X.

The important thing to remember, is that specs aren’t everything. Sony can and will release a console that puts Xbox One X to shame, but that won’t be enough to crush the competition. We’re going to need specific features and options in place if the PS5 hopes to truly showcase a next generation experience worthy of our hard-earned dollars.

3 Features PS5 Needs to Crush Xbox One X

Knowing Sony, the PS5 will be sleek, it will be powerful, and it will have amazing exclusive titles. This is true of any PlayStation console, but to really put the hurt on Microsoft, the PS5 needs to include some key features:

1. Full 4K/8K Support

The PS4 Pro doesn’t quite hit 4K consistently. It gets really close with a lot of games, but not true 4K. Xbox One X has the upper hand here, but with the right horsepower, Sony can match or exceed that promise. True 4K won’t be a problem, so why not shoot for something even higher?

How about 8K? Don’t laugh, there are already working televisions that hit this resolution. They’re about as expensive as a car, but they’re real and the price will inevitably drop to more reasonable levels. Depending on the timeline for the PS5, we could see Sony shooting for 8K support to really wow gamers.

It could be a PS4 Pro situation where they utilized checkerboard rendering or something similar to go past 4K and into 6K or higher resolutions. Either way, 4K needs to be locked in for PS5.

2. Backwards Compatibility

This is the most requested feature for the PS5. It’s for a good reason: people like to play older titles on the new system. Microsoft has managed to make it work with 360 and now original Xbox games, so Sony needs to match this by offering a similar solution.

Currently you can play PS3 titles on PlayStation Now, and you can buy PS2 classics, but nothing that allows you to play your old games completely. Microsoft, on the other hand, let’s you put in your old discs and get a digital download of the game that you can play whenever you want.

Something similar for PlayStation owners would be perfect. Sony has probably heard about backwards compatibility non-stop, but something has prevented them from putting in the PS4. It seems like the PS5 will need to be the turning point where we get this feature in some shape or form.

Even just PS4 compatibility would go a long way, but the further back we can go, the better. That being said, this will be a next generation console, so everything that comes out on PS5 will not work on the PS4. This will ensure that your games on the PS5 look and feel next-gen.

3. New Ways to Play

Sony has always been on the forefront of new and exciting gaming innovations. Their latest success was PlayStation VR, which has been growing and expanding with incredible new games. Just recently, I played Superhot VR and it was a transcendent gaming experience.

While VR may not be for everyone, it does represent a new and exciting way to play video games. The PS5 should absolutely continue with VR support, and throw in anything else Sony can come up with. With all of the technology available to us, why stop at a control and a screen?

Traditional games can and should exist into the future, but there’s nothing wrong with having options. VR support, or even augmented reality experiences could really give the PS5 an edge over Microsoft’s traditional approach to console gaming.

Will Sony Dominate? What do you think?

Will Xbox One X stand a chance against the PS5? How can PS5 win big in the next generation? Let us know in the comments!

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PS5 vs Xbox One X ???

It's obvious that your more than bias on the matter of PlayStation vs XBox. Trying to make this comparison is much like someone else writing arrival of how Microsoft makes things so much better than Sony while comparing Xbox 360 to PlayStation 2 slim.......ps5 is a separate generation or will be than any Xbox one variation.....x s or otherwise. If you want to write a legit article. Then compare sonys to be next gen console to microsofts to be next gen console.....this article shows your complete stupidity or your inability to understand how gaming console really work. Thanks for wasting space and time with this ****.

Read The Article

Not sure your ability to understand the article is any better than your ability to write. Microsoft is calling the XB1X the "best console ever" because it is their next gen console. They have nothing else. Meanwhile Sony could care less. Are they are dominating market share? Yes. Are they are dominating in games/exclusives? Yes. they are dominating in VR? Yes Will they will dominate with the PS5? Yes. It is what it is deal with it.


I don't know who is better


Maybe they will be the same


How bout who cares but these should happen: 1. Cross platform game playing online 2. Backwards compatability 3. It takes game disc, or I can trade my digital downloads in for something towards new games 4. We can all agree we want these things game systems just listen!



Ps5 vs Xbox Scorpio ?????

Ps5 is in 2018 and xbox x is 2018 let go to compare Xbox 360 vs PS3 the best is PS3 yeah? And now the best is ps5


I just want halo on the playstation lol.

The next Gen after next, does it matter what we call it?

Amen to cross platform gaming. Arguably, console gaming's market share is threatened by the mobile device and home computer consumer base. To ultimately remain in the business, a company must recognize the legitimacy of a broader definition of gamers and games. Accessibility is the key factor. Observe the demand for backwards compatibility, and the traffic the app storestore generate. Multi-player is a condition of the sale in marketing gaming, since the market's inception. If you extend the market to game like cards or dice for argument, the defeat of one's opponent can be appreciated as a motiv. And yet again if sports were the gaming subject. The term "player" is central to the term "gamer". Consider how the non-gamers you know who played Angry Birds or Candy Crush... likely, they have also payed or whored their FB friends list for lives! Either Rush'n' Attack or Elevator Action was my first favorite game. Nintendo (I mean the system, not the brand) shows little resemblance to DCUO, my current favorite. I know that I love the community that a persistent game world offers. I recently began playing on my mobile and quick, legitimate pvp is all I look for in a game. Heavenstrike, God bless it, is not going down in history as the best mobile pvp game. The point is that remote gaming is here, and the definition/market of gamers is continually expanding. Among other things, multi-player is directly related to a platform's accessibilty. Accessibility and cross platform play are a priority for not only niche gamers. That was a good article. I think the trends the article cites are noteworthy. If you feel the need to criticize someone's writing style and not observe the validity of a reasonable argument, then you can go funner yourself. Be certain, the future is here. Innovation follows. There has never been a true innovation that did not shorten the distance between people. We should agree to recognize this market as an innovative one, so we are sure to see more cross-platform software and backwards compatibility standards.

It seems like im constantly

It seems like im constantly buying a new system ive always been a PlayStation kinda guy i also had a 360 but it will come down to price which one ill get id say the xbox one x will be quite a bit cheaper when the ps5 releases so id say alot of people will go that route and i might as well.

Yes, Sony is going to crush Microsoft.

Sony played the bait game and Microsoft bit at it again. If the Xbox one x according to Microsoft is not to compete with PS 4 pro, it is to compete with the PS5 and Sony's next powerhouse minimum specs will put Xbox one x to shame. Sony is aiming at 4k 60 fps as a minimum and when they pull that off, and believe me, they will, Microsoft will be in hot water again. This generation lifespan will be no longer than two years and by then we'll have a true next gen console, the PS5.

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