How Much will the PS5 Cost?

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It is no secret that gaming is an expensive hobby. What makes it more so is the fact that every six years or so, a new lineup of consoles releases, bringing forth another wave of items for gamers to purchase. With the heralding of a new console, the internet immediately goes into a frenzy, speculating about prices. The PlayStation 4 has already let that particular cat out of the bag, and four hundred dollars is less than what people expected. So what about the PlayStation 5? What can we expect the PS5 Price to be? Should we start saving up now?

PS5 Price

There are certainly a number of factors to consider when asking a question like this. We’ll need to look at the history of the PlayStation’s pricing, do some math, (yikes!) and see what inflation rates will have to say on the matter. Without knowing the exact hardware of the PlayStation 5, we can only speculate, and speculate we shall! Let us begin!

PlayStation’s price tags

Before we can look at the potential price point for the PS5, we need to look at the pricing trends Sony has used in the past. These trends will help us better understand how Sony plans to price the new console:

Playstation Price History
PS1 $299 December 3, 1994
PS2 $299 March 4, 2000
PS3 $599 + (depending on model) November 11, 2006
PS4 $399 November 15, 2013
PS5 $399? Release Date

The price of the next console is the question we're here to answer today. It seems like Sony doesn't want to alienate gamers with a massive price tag again. If we look at the PS3 and PS4, it's clear that they learned from their mistake with the third console. That being said, the form that the PS5 takes will drastically change the ultimate price point. Let's look at the possibilities, shall we?

History tends to repeat itself:

When the original PlayStation launched in 1995, it was priced at three hundred dollars. Back then, I would have had to save my allowance for--well, let’s just say I’d probably still be saving. The PlayStation 2 released five years later for the same price. Then of course we have the outlier, the PlayStation 3. When that one released, it was a whopping six hundred dollars!

PS5 Cost

At the time, this seemed like a lot of money for a game system, but what most people didn’t consider was that the PlayStation 3 was also a Blu-Ray player. Many stand alone Blu-Ray players of the time were close to a thousand dollars, so this was quite the deal in that regard. Eventually, the price came down to compete with the Xbox 360, but the fact of the matter was that Sony was losing money, even with the six hundred dollar price point. The reason? The PlayStation 3 had new technology, something that was fresh, and costly. At the time, Blu-Ray was just beginning to hit the scene.

Now we look at the PlayStation 4 and we see a far different story. This new console is coming out at a four hundred dollar price point. Why the sudden drop? Well, as mentioned earlier, there are a number of factors that contributed to this price point. One of which is the fact that the PlayStation 4, unlike the PlayStation 3, isn’t utilizing any kind of recently released or overly expensive technology. It is more powerful than the PlayStation 3, ten times more powerful according to Sony, but it uses established technologies that have achieved multiple methods and thus, less expensive methods of manufacturing. When something becomes readily available, it costs less to make.

The PlayStation 4 is the evolution of the PS3, but what about the PlayStation 5? This is where things can become expensive. You see, as mentioned in our other articles, the PlayStation 5 will be arriving in an era of massive technological change. The next generation console will have a wealth of new and exciting technologies to take advantage of. This is good for the games, because everything will be infinitely more advanced, however this also means that the PlayStation 5 will be jammed packed with expensive hardware to create those experiences.

I am imagining a somewhat significant price jump when it comes time for the PlayStation 5. This is a result of the gargantuan increase in technology that we are anticipating over the next few years. It is difficult, nigh impossible to put a price point on it, so let’s discuss another major factor before we go down that road. Hold on to your butts, this is where the math comes in.

Oh, the Options You'll Have: 2 Versions of the PS5 (Plus VR)

Over the course of a console life cycle, it's not uncommon for the gaming machine to go through several versions. Usually you get a slim version with better cooling and a larger hard drive, but when the PS5 releases, Sony is going to look into providing two versions of the system to reach a wider audience. Our speculations also predict that PlayStation VR will combine with augmented reality to replace a handheld system like the Vita and be offered as an add-on for those who want to take their games on the go with a newer and better versions of Remote Play.

One version of the PS5 will provide all the bells and whistles. We're talking a massive solid state drive (SSD) that will be up to 128 terabytes in size! You'll also get backwards compatibility and a few other exciting features. Then there's going to be a "Core Experience" that will offer the basics that casual gamers will need to enjoy the PlayStation experience. If all of this is sounding amazing or crazy (or both) be sure to check out our full article on the 2 versions of the PS5.

A Lesson in Economics: How Inflation will Affect the PS5 Price

Playstation 5 CostFrom what I recall, I got a decent grade in economics in high school, once I was out of my general education in college, I left math on the side of the road and never looked back. For the sake of you, my dear readers, I will once more tread that narrow path suspended above a black abyss of confusion and uncertainty.

First thing’s first, a quick lesson on inflation for the benefit of myself and anyone else reading this who’s last brush with economics was in high school. So, the straight vanilla ice definition of inflation is as follows:

A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

Yeah, that’s what I said. Essentially what this means is that inflation occurs when prices go up as a result of high demand and low supply. Take the PlayStation 3 for example. Everybody wanted it, but no one had it in stock. This kind of situation creates inflation over time because manufacturers can charge higher prices for items that are equally high in demand, but low in supply.

Playstation 5 CostThe process of inflation also affects how much a single dollar is worth. Of course, a dollar is always a dollar, but the actual value of it changes based on inflation. For example, a dollar today is worth far less than a dollar two decades ago. A dollar from then would be worth over twenty dollars today!

A recent article from IGN discussed the cost of gaming in regards to inflation over the years. Colin Moriarty, the article’s author made an excellent point in regards to the price of game consoles:

“The PlayStation 3 may have seemed expensive when it launched at $599.99 in 2006 – and it was – but it’s not the most expensive mainstream gaming console. That honor goes to the Atari 2600. Launched in September of 1977, the Atari 2600 cost $199.99. When taking into account the 258.9 percent inflation rate between 1977 and 2013, the Atari 2600 cost the equivalent of $771 today.”

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a steep price point for a console whose lasting legacy includes the likes of Pong. As of right now, the rate of inflation is smaller, and more steady. Ten years from now though, the inflation could be different. Better or worse, it’s hard to say, but the fact of the matter is that the value of the dollar is low and the prospects aren’t looking too good for the future.

Gazing into the Crystal Moneyball: The Price of the PlayStation 5

Playstation 5 PriceThe price of the PlayStation five depends primarily on two major factors. One, is the cost and availability of the hardware inside of it.

Two, is the economy and rate of inflation between now and the system’s release in roughly six or seven years. If the value of the dollar stays the same, or fluctuates only slightly, I would estimate a price range between six and eight hundred dollars. This is taking into account the no doubt cutting edge technology that the system will include.

Let’s assume the value of the dollar goes up, and inflation decreases, then we could see another price like the jump from PS1 to PS2 in which case the system would most likely cost four hundred dollars, just like the PS4. This is less likely though, considering the current state of affairs in our economy and government.

Time changes everything though, and six years is a long time. Do your part to ensure a lower cost on the PS5. Buy a PlayStation 4 and when new releases come out, count your pennies and pick them up. Show the economy who’s boss, invest and spend smarter, not harder. All of that and a heaping helping of luck and common sense on our government’s part, and we may just see a cost effective PS5 in our future.

How much do you think the PS5 will cost? What would you be willing to pay for one? Tell us in the comments!

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Anyone that would pay over 250.00 is stupid..................................


it should cost about 500$

PS5 Price

Thanks to the competition I believe they will price the PS5 to be affordable and very competitive. They make most of the money from games so better the price the consoles low.


I understand where your coming from but don't forget the PS4 was basicly $400 but also on the other hand it could be an improvement on price.


I like ps 5 will quickly see it in my voltage so much ps 5 is much cooler than 4 ps ps 5 is able to be on the virtual mass mail it's really cool , I can agree with you and I want to see it thank you for listening .



PS5 Cost

I don't think it should be over 500...Maybe 550 if it has a good headset and not that piece of sh*t we got with the PS4.


Well my PS4 cost $399. But sometimes it lags in Star Wars battlefront although I've checked and it isn't battle front it's the PS4 so I think if the ps5 runs smoothly it would be worth about $700.

It is so great I wish my

It is so great I wish my parents could buy it for me when they are coming back from state


lets see here the new playstation 5 will cost high at 500.00$ when it first comes out into market


Atleast $500 for rich and poor


Aye im thinking 900 because ps is developing and its gonna be good plus lincoln hill here boiiiiiiii

ps5 price

If we are in fact going with a virtual reality gaming device we need it to be more powerful than anything before it and if we are going to try and go full dive that's even more power yes I know Sword art online did a very good thing by showing the risks of such a system but the full dive system would be more fun and it would actually sell more than a non full dive system make the ps5 550 dollars for just the system make it 700 for the system plus the full dive tech get some people who are willing to test it get it going let's do this now mind you the estimates price of a full dive system is 200 dollars a unit or more remember that we spent 600 dollars on a ps3 when it was new and with inflation and everything that would be like spending 769.87 today just something to think about guys remember you have to pay for the new tech that we all want the ps5 to be capable of ps4 didn't have any new tech involved ps3 was a bluray player thus the price

ps5 price

It shuld be $300 to $500


been calling for it before playstation 4 came out...been ranting over it on any forum I find.virtual reality IS NOT NEW.military has been using it for many years.well before playstation 4. going back to playstation 3 maybe even sooner.been screaming for virtual reality when saw ability to ps4. because sony finally gets off there butts. to put in OLD TECHNOLOGY TO PLAYSTATION 5?????get real.some colleges use virtual reality.some businesses use it for training employees.vr is old news.whats new.takes sony long enough to put in a unit.


It's difficult to predict what the price will be because we don't even know when it will be released. However, if it is a console and not some cloud-based nonsense, I will certainly purchase it because I switched to Sony from Microsoft due to the durability of their systems. I expect it to be reasonable and probably with multiple tiers to purchase from starter to bells & whistles.


I think it will be 450-650 because ppl can't really just throw down that much money or no one would buy it because 1000 is to much so I'm saying 450-650 maybe even 550 but nothing over 650


I think make it a reasonable price so that people might actually buy it Recommended Price $: 300 Pounds 3000 HKD 386 USD


Don't care how much!! As long as it plays all games from the ps1 to ps5, I have games collecting dust on my shelf, I would gladly pay more for that service, I did not buy a PS4 because it was not backwards compatible, and if the ps5 is the same as the PS4, I won't buy it ether, I will make a will many people


Well,I hope that it will be around $450 to $500 as that is a reasonable price from my point of view.SONY,pls let the price be lower than $600!


I think it should be $600 because ps4 pro was $400 bucks I think every ps console should be either $50 bucks more or $200 bucks more I say the highest price should be $1,079 peace out

Playstation 5

I bought the playstation 4 and was very disappointed with it I didn't think it was that much better and I would have kept my ps3 and the prices of the games for the ps4 did warrant it's length of game play so the ps5 will have to be a lot better so I don't think I would pay any more then three hundred and fifty pounds for it

My name is nobody

Why be concerned with what might happen in 2018....tomorrow may never come.Worry about more important things in life. That said I would guess $499 to start, then $399 after 6months of it being in stores.


I thing that the price of the PS5 should be the same price as the PS4 because when people buy the PS5 they will be putting money on it of game, PSN, DLC and more


Its going to be a million dollars

PlayStation fans do not fear

Plans for the PS5 are have been in development since the release of the PS4 since late 2013. But will not be released for the United States for some time to come. When? I do not know exactly. I work in the marketing dept. for a company employed and deployed by Sony. And know that the console itself has not yet even been designed as an exterior. But it will be under $400 usd


You guys are crazy if you guys think paying $1,000 or more for a game system . Who has that kind of money those days? I know I dont. But I guess if all want to waste that kind of money your more crazier than go right ahead. I think it should be $299.00-$399.00 but no more than that. Because you crazzys forgot one thing to think about is on how much the games itself. Now thoes should be $25-$30 and not $65-$80 each game.

My concept+estimate price

My concept is that the PS5 will have a smaller, yet still PS-esk box. We're looking at the standard model, which will have 5TB. The Dualshock 5 will take after the Dualshock 4 Pro's design, and will have a PocketStation2 accessory included, to compete with Nintendo Switch. There will be an improved VR System, and improved PlayStation Move, which will have a thumbstick and ΟΧΔ□ Buttons bellow the Move Button. The system will be completely digital download, so no discs, disks or cartidges. Included with Standard Package: The PS5 Console (5TB), Dualshock 5, PS Move 2, PocketStation 2, PScamera, Optional PSVR2 With PSVR2: 699.99$ Without PSVR2: 399.99 Price of Floating Concept: 2,999.99$ Price of Portable Thing Concept: 799.99$ Price of Hologram Concept: 999.99$ Price of Honeycomb Concept: 699.99$

worth it

Well I would say it's worth getting it for $500 because the ps5 has a holographic circle that lets you see the characters,missions etc.has better quality than any if you have $500 or less than good luck


Look at the ps4 pro and Psvr Pro $399.99 VR.with cam. and move controllers $499.99 So put them together in one and add a SSD you get two systems one with VR at $999.99 And one for 8K TV $499.99

PS5 Cost

I agree with the two versions, I think there will be one version that will only cost $400 and there will be a version with vr and other stuff included that might go up to $1000!

you all just got hit on your head

yeah two things one you just priced the PS4 for sony with out them spending a penny one focus groups or marketing.(475) seemed to be average. video games do not influence world economy.....baaahhhhhaaa wars do the united states has been at war 20 years now uuuh Atari no Atari was high because it was the first to leave the gate also the first to see whats comin,oh cant remember who bought them sears maybe got half they did have a knock off half(hint) because of Atari and,keep in mind though a microwave was 300-600 and a Betamax was 1100 dollars years after Atari and todays biggest game bully ever!Funny how they never put out a console but they still callin the shots. Sony also tends to release controlled inventory like Nintendo a way of driving up stock prices before the short sell. counting on peoples need to out have each other. Second not sure about this but if you took a moment to look at the consoles and who is responsible for the "virtual" halt on cross platform play and put 1 and 1 together look closely I will wait here..............I read some of the comments its gonna take some of them a moment to catch up...............................................That's right its not a game console is it,atari died out because activision let them because they to this day don't care about you they carer about the money Atari was up against the cheap japanesse knock offs and the commodore 6400 was a colossal mistake,gennisis moved in on the game community sell at a price Atari couldn't compete at that's when the Japanese companies realized they had the market cornered until xbox came along and could give better graphichs at a better price Atari was around for some time after all Activision was and still is playing both sides controlling the game industry from the start knowing from the get go that the money is in the software not the hardware. Don't know their plans for this one but they got to keep it in disk format Sony has got to keep you ditracted from the fact that I can already Microsoft games on my laptop for over a year no, activision wont spend a dime on servers and sony has to transition from console to pc and that's already microsofts strong suit those Japanese computer break real cheap knockoffs leftover from the early 80's but yeah I'm sad to say it but I read the comments could be completely wrong but after 47 years of gamin naw say what you want, I have been watchin since it was pong ang pong wasn't Atari. Atari stole that and made it color instead of black and white. pitfall yeah that was it pitfall yars revenge / pacman ripoff for the kill????????


hey sony what about 350 $ dollar people whould buy it so much you know so just make the price 350 dollar


Soo, I'm pretty sure that the ps5 will be a price point of $400 to $700. Why, well Sony(I'm sure) is putting in a Blu-Ray disc player, I'm also sure that it will have 4k visual, speed, and performance. Also playstation is going to add PlayStation Vue, lets you watch tv on your playstation, as well. And to let alone all of the 'unknown' perks that sony will be putting into the next gen consol. Next the controller, ooo ahhh, ya fun topic. Anyway I don't have a clue what this thing will look like... thanks for reading.

Ps5 price recommendation

PS5 should cost less than $450 dollars because by the time you finish buying the controllers and games you'll have spent around double the price.

I'm owner of a ps4

I think the ps5 is going to be around 600 because of all the things it might have and all the things that are hard to make and get that is my opinion what do you think live a reply if you think your with me

PlayStation 5 price

I'm not a gamer but my nephews are. They spend hours and hours in front of their game consoles! Their parents spend hundreds of dollars on them. Sony could give the PlayStation away and not charge a penny! Where they make a killing is on the price of the new games that's where the real money is made! And the sad thing is that the old games will not work in the new system that is really sad! It's almost a crime!

I'd be fine if it was over $1000

For those of u living in 2017, then u would know that just PHONES have gotten over $1000, so if this is gonna be the ultimate console, I think $2000 at most. Like they can have 2 versions, since there are 8k screens out, then maybe a beefed up version that can handle 8k 60fps, and 4k 120fps at $1200-$2000, but the less expensive version at $600-$1200, with 4k 60fps and no 8k. And a number of other stuff, like backwards compatibility (which should be in both versions), the amount of RAM and what type of RAM, etc, that would play into the price. Of course, what I'm saying is that if phones come out at $1000+, then $2000 would be my estimate for such a console, considering people spend $1000+ for something that all they do is use Facebook. Just my thoughts. (:

Ps5 cost

It should be like 350 375 because with taxes it would equal about 400 but the way I see it it should have went, ps1 $100,ps2$200 , PS3,$300 and up so with taxes it should equal around 500 no more than that. You do the math.

not really

All you are really doing is adding $100 each time. Either way, these PS systems were the best thing in their time period. So they cost more then.

I've been reading

I've been reading a few of your comments and I agree with a lot of you guys. I think that it's fairly priced. Although some one said that with tax it'll be about $560 and that could be true. Over all it's not badly priced!

Ps5 cost

I think 599.99 would be the price you have to pay big bucks to have the new technology. And with everybody swarming in on the first day at releases they're going to want to get their money's worth I'm

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How Much will the PS5 Cost?

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