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PS5 Release Date:

We all know it's coming, but no one seems to know exactly when. We have done the hard work for you and figured it out. Sony is a creature of habit fellow gamers, as are we all. All it takes is some mathematics and an ear to the ground of the gaming industry to start piecing together this crucial part of the puzzle. Join us on our PS5 release date page to see what these factors have revealed thus far. Check back often because we are constantly updating the page with our latest findings!

Specs: A Glimpse under the Hood

You thought trying to predict the PS5 release date was hard? We're tackling something much more difficult next. As we all know, technology evolves and changes in limitless ways with each passing year. Trying to nail down the exact path it will take is like trying to find a grain of salt on a beach. That being said, there are patterns, predictions, and signs that we can use to illuminate the path. Want to see what the future holds? It's all on our specs page ready for you to see.

Price: How High Can it Go?

The Price of a console is always a touchy subject. When it comes to the PS5, the latest rumors are showing that the console may come in two versions which could drastically affect the price of the system. The price of the PS4 showed that $400 is a price point that works, so it's doubtful that Sony will go any higher, if at all, with the PS5. What do you think the new system will cost? Head on over to our PS5 Price page to find out more and offer your opinion in the comments!

PS5 Design: Artist's Renditions

I am a master of words, but I harbor a deep respect for those who can bring images to life. We don't know for certain what the PS5 will look like, but that offers us the unique ability to consider a multitude of options. Will it be a box, will it be cloud-based, who knows? There are signs that point to something completely different than anything else we've seen, but that only fuels our imaginations. For the best PS5 eye candy on the internet, your one-stop location is our PS5 concept designs page.

Hardcore PS5 Fans

Playstation 5 with controllers We know you are out there and we are with you! We'll update this page frequently as technology changes and grows, to give you a better idea of what to expect in the far future of the PlayStation brand. New technology is revealed on a yearly basis, and this page will represent what we feel is accurate at the current time of writing. As new technical products and advancements are always coming to light, visit this page often to stay in the loop when it comes to PS5 news.

It's safe to say if you're looking for news you definitely came to the right place. You know we've already got you covered with up-to-date PS4 news on our sister site, PS4 Experts, and here you can expect to find the same quality articles as we turn our gaze to the future. We're still updating PS4 Experts on a daily basis, so don't forget to stop in there after you're done checking out what the far future holds!

We encourage interaction as well, so sign up for our website, comment on the articles, take a look at our social media pages, email us your information – let your voice be heard! Who knows, it could be a tip from you that makes industry breaking news. When it comes to the PlayStation 5, anything is possible! Epic gaming like no other awaits us all!





ayStation 5 will be an interactive entertainment system that will revolutionise the way unemployed men spend time together with the slogan Less reason to talk, more ways for destroying your buddy's honour. It will be so hi-tec that only newly born babies will understand its features without a ten volume encyclopedia. Using 23rd century rock-and-roll science it will run on ten hydrogen fuel cells smaller than a Smartie that never melts in your hands. PS5 and its wacky adventures will beautifully narrate the end of Earth's history before the planet becomes a great museum...that place where the cosmic gaming device came from. A device that lets you waste hours and hours...with people you don't even like that much. A few humans will survive and travel around the galaxy. They will be known as one of those people from that planet with the gaming system. Humans will wander around the galaxy until they all inter-mate with inter-mate-able species. The only remaining object of humanity...will be the PS5. The PS5 will come in a really nifty box...much bigger than the actual gaming set suspended in a new form of liquid foam bubbles and will be sealed in an extreamly strong plastic wrapper that only a butcher will be able to remove.

Ok i um i.... ya'll should

Ok i um i.... ya'll should learn to be friend Xbox and PS4 fans should become friends and play each others consoles

playstation 5 release date 2018

playstation 5 is coming out in 2018 i just cant wait to buy it soon the price is now $300.99 in stores every where in the world??

Thoughts from the inside

As I have programmed games on a variety of systems over the years, I think I can shed some light on some of the comments I have read so far on a few topics. Firstly, whether you prefer the Xbox series or the PS series is purely a matter of taste and brand loyalty. Technology wise, there is not much between them, they just choose to use it in different ways, though the PS4 does stress its graphics processing power which is usually considered the most important factor for gaming. Backwards compatibility is a tricky issue. The PS1 and PS2 were not fundamentally architecturally different, excpet for the increased power of the PS2 so it was relatively easy to incorporate PS1 functionality. The PS3 used the cell processor, which was a hundred per cent new and entirely different form the PS1 and PS2 which would mean creating an entirely new and separate emulator which most of the time simply isn't economically viable. The PS4 has an entirely different architectural structure again- the AMD chips it uses are much closer to the ones used in high end PC's- so the backwards compatibility issue is the same as it was for the PS3; i.e. not worth the time, effort and cost. It's a rule of thumb that to emulate a system of one architecture on an entirely new one, the new system has to be ten times as powerful as the one it is emulating. The PS series certainly fulfills that criteria with each new system but the effort to do so just isn't worth it. Developing software for the PC is not an entirely alien process for those that have only developed for consoles, as one poster suggested. All devkits (development kits) for all games systems including PC's use the C programming language- either ANSI or K &R implementations- or some variant of it, whether it be a standard such as Microsoft's C# or some proprietary version which may have machine specific external libraries. It is a relatively simple affair to develop a game that has PS, Xbox and PC versions more or less simultaneously because the core game engine code is almost entirely portable between all three. The only real differences are in the graphics and input/output code, which are inevitably machine specific. In the case of the Xbox and PC, the two are even more closely connected because the collection of hardware addressing libraries is Microsoft's DirectX platform, which runs on both in the same form. The reason why PC hardware takes so long to become as affordable compared to the incredible bang-for-the-buck you get from a console is very straightforward. Gaming consoles should technically cost double to triple what you actually pay for one in the store; the reason they are so comparatively cheap for the power that they have is that the low cost is subsidized by the sales of content, either physical discs or through online subscriptions. This works much the same way that a phone contract does, whereby you get a super-slick phone for next to nothing or even nothing at all provided you take out a certain plan with the network provider which ultimately pays for the cost of the wholesale price the provider buys the phone for, which is considerably less than you pay in store for an unlocked or network-free phone. Lastly, it's a bit too far away to really speculate on what the PS5 may or not have, though it's fun and some of it might be correct. The PS4 and Xbox still have a lot of life in them yet, and it's worth remembering that the technically best games usually come more towards the end of a systems lifespan than the beginning because by that time the developers have had all those years experience and have learned more and more with each release exactly what the system can do as they experiment and push it further and further. So the best games are probably still to come. I'm a die-hard PS fan, I should point out, though I cut my programming teeth in the early eighties and though I use a PC at home and really honed my game programming skills on it the Xbox series always seems a little clunky to me. Though I won't buy one, I think it's a good thing that multiple systems exist in the marketplace because the competition ensures quicker development of new and more innovative and powerful and cost-effective systems which benefits us all. Okay, I'm done- just wanted to give you a little insight 'behind the scenes' as it were. Happy gaming!


To be honest with you. I really am falling in love with the Playstation 5. I like the designs of them, both funny and cool. My question is that some people have said that there will be two versions of them coming out. I don't know which PS5 design of the console will be the greatest and most powerful PS5 console ever created and ever made for the future of gaming?. That's all from me. Thanks.

What the beep

I love ps4 but nothing compares to the ps1.. now that piece of technology is the gold diggers. Plz don't comment on my English as I'm English slang

If you don't like it then don

If you don't like it then don't come on here. We want to now about it. So if you don't care just leave don't have to leave hate comments. Everyone is going to like something different because I like ps4 and Xbox1.


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