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PS5 Release Date:

We all know it's coming, but no one seems to know exactly when. We have done the hard work for you and figured it out. Sony is a creature of habit fellow gamers, as are we all. All it takes is some mathematics and an ear to the ground of the gaming industry to start piecing together this crucial part of the puzzle. Join us on our PS5 release date page to see what these factors have revealed thus far. Check back often because we are constantly updating the page with our latest findings!

Specs: A Glimpse under the Hood

You thought trying to predict the PS5 release date was hard? We're tackling something much more difficult next. As we all know, technology evolves and changes in limitless ways with each passing year. Trying to nail down the exact path it will take is like trying to find a grain of salt on a beach. That being said, there are patterns, predictions, and signs that we can use to illuminate the path. Want to see what the future holds? It's all on our specs page ready for you to see.

Price: How High Can it Go?

The Price of a console is always a touchy subject. When it comes to the PS5, the latest rumors are showing that the console may come in two versions which could drastically affect the price of the system. The price of the PS4 showed that $400 is a price point that works, so it's doubtful that Sony will go any higher, if at all, with the PS5. What do you think the new system will cost? Head on over to our PS5 Price page to find out more and offer your opinion in the comments!

PS5 Design: Artist's Renditions

I am a master of words, but I harbor a deep respect for those who can bring images to life. We don't know for certain what the PS5 will look like, but that offers us the unique ability to consider a multitude of options. Will it be a box, will it be cloud-based, who knows? There are signs that point to something completely different than anything else we've seen, but that only fuels our imaginations. For the best PS5 eye candy on the internet, your one-stop location is our PS5 concept designs page.

Hardcore PS5 Fans

Playstation 5 with controllers We know you are out there and we are with you! We'll update this page frequently as technology changes and grows, to give you a better idea of what to expect in the far future of the PlayStation brand. New technology is revealed on a yearly basis, and this page will represent what we feel is accurate at the current time of writing. As new technical products and advancements are always coming to light, visit this page often to stay in the loop when it comes to PS5 news.

It's safe to say if you're looking for news you definitely came to the right place. You know we've already got you covered with up-to-date PS4 news on our sister site, PS4 Experts, and here you can expect to find the same quality articles as we turn our gaze to the future. We're still updating PS4 Experts on a daily basis, so don't forget to stop in there after you're done checking out what the far future holds!

We encourage interaction as well, so sign up for our website, comment on the articles, take a look at our social media pages, email us your information – let your voice be heard! Who knows, it could be a tip from you that makes industry breaking news. When it comes to the PlayStation 5, anything is possible! Epic gaming like no other awaits us all!




The ps4 was designed with one

The ps4 was designed with one goal in mind. "Get away from the cell processor of the ps3." The ps4 is essentially now a pc with no expansion slots. The ps4 was also desgned with 1080p in mind and not 4k, because almost no one has 4k tv's, but they do have 1080p tv's. Sony/MS went for the sweetspot of 1080p not 4k. PS5 and XBox 2 will be 4k and above.


When I started playing the first Sony playstation at a friends house I was so into the game I just had to buy one. When I first played games on the xbox it was cool,but wasn't my taste. When I started to look into a bit more on what playstation had coming I was excited because I always new that what they create for gamers like myself is that they always to amaze us gamers out there.But the most thing that still impress me is that they never changed the shape of the Original playstation controllers. We have the sony playstation,ps2,ps3 and now ps4. All those years that I have spent playing playstation games I just cannot go for xbox because it still isn't my taste. I mean Playstation is the best theirs no 2 ways about it. And if your a new gamer coming into the game world I recommend...Playstation! :).




the ps5 should be released sooner as the ps4 isnt that much better than the ps3


As a mother that has a son that loves to play these games, I have spent hundreds of dollars on him. I am pissed as hell right now that there is going to be a PS5 out just 4 months after I bought the PS4. I don't have that kind of money to throw around. Then I find out about the streaming of the games....... not sure what to do with that since I am lucky I can even play the games myself. I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THE PS4!!!!!!!!


I use to own a ps3, but then I have it away and got the xbox 360. Tbh, I thought the recent xbox was slightly better than the ps3, but now I want to upgrade. I am not sure whether I should get the PS4 or the xbox one, although I am quite partial to play station and have owned every one of their consoles. Even though this is the case, the xbox one still looks appealing. What should I do???? I am sooooo confused!!


sony should make in such a way that it should be slim and also make it to have a wifi connection for us to access the playstation store

Power of playstation 5

Playstation5 100 go ram gddr6, 250 to/s 6 graphique cards on gpu 15 petaflops 36 processors on 6nm 150 Ghz

ps4/xbox one

Everybody listen!!!!!!!!!! Its not about who has the most features or anything about software, what really matters is hardware and in this case the winner is ps4 because the ps4's graphics processor is 50% more powerful. At the end of the day I want to play good games with good graphics ,not look at those pussy ass features

PS4 is better than XBox1 imo

Sure XBox does have those functions. But the point of a GAMING CONSOLE, is to play games... Not act as a PC -.- Why would you want to do those stuff on a gaming console which sole purpose is gaming? Why use those funtions on a console if you have a PC and vice versa.. (Well ofc it's a bit different but still...) So what actually matters are the specs, which the PS4 surely is at the better end. That's just my opinion though...

Playstation Rules

Been a Playstation fan since I was a kid, 37 years old now and loving the Ps4. Few games out at the moment but im patient. The few games that are out are bloody good. Never played on the X box before and have no desire to. Top games I remember fondly, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, GTA etc. I reckon Sony will always be the leader In gaming consoles.

games games games

I'm very much hoping Sony let's games play all PS games on the 5. Games from the PS1 all the way up to PS5. That would be a very good way to show that Sony cares about their fans.

Epic PS5

The PS5 will introduce some revolutionary new gaming features never thought possible.

grammer classes

someone please start grammar classes here I have both but... PS4 IS BEST


Im currently helping sony work on the ps5 and our design is way cooler than that. So don't you dare insult our console. Now you don't even need the console to have the console. All you do is pay $500 and you can hologram it to you whenever where ever.

X box and playstations.

Hun! x box and playstation are a waste of money and time. Pc is the best if you put it to 2 gb Ati vga card all the games will be played and only the time will be spent only on installing otherwise these new gamesof 2014 are not heavy for pc

I wasnt going to but I bought

I wasnt going to but I bought my PS4 on August 14, and I am so happy with it so far, I reckon the PS5 will be released between November 2018- November 2020, hopefully it will be around the same price, or maybe I may never need another console.

online and backwards compatible

Let the PS5 be backwards compatible for games and let it have free online for everyone and in every country


I think the PS5 should be backwards compatible and have free online for everyone and every country, If to buy the PS5 let it come with the things the ps4 had and also with game bundles. The PS5 is gonna be great.

no ps5

that is not ps5 just looks psunknown

Am reading all these comments

Am reading all these comments and it makes me laugh . In my opinion and only my opinion sony and microsoft worried more about pricing more then anything else. The up to date processors are very expensive and so are the graphics cards . In order to make the price reasonably both sony and microsoft had to use a less up to date processors and graphic chips in there new systems ( ps4 xb1 ) . Hopefully these new gaming system will be more up to date then the ps4 release . If a new gaming system comes with out a dvd drive and or with out a hard drive hopefully they will use the saved money and put it towards an up to date processor and graphics chip or maybe even set it up to were you can just up grade the processor and graphics chip . I definitely agree on getting rid of the dvd player and dvds but maybe having an external drive

What do I buy

What do I buy ps4 or Xbox one answer me


Very nice

Ps5 should hold more than one

Ps5 should hold more than one game at a time like 3 or 4 games. Sony you're doing great!!

Ps4 Pwnz

Only if you hear or see the word Playstation that is enough to buy a Playstation,there is Ps1,Ps2,Ps3 and now Ps4,what has Xbox?Xbox,Xbox 360,and now Xbox One..Sony is the best and was first with the consoles.There was no Xbox,Microsoft can stick to developing computers leave the consoles to Sony...


if ps5 has to come why dus sony get a better chance of heading to the top

not possible so early

I don't think Sony will be launching ps5 so early, not in 2015 It would be expected only after 2017

Ps3,4 rocks

I have been playing it since childhood and it was awesome..eagarly waiting for should be more reality than 3,4

We need it sooner

we need the ps5 sooner so playstation can compete with X-box 1 better.

Going where the games are.

I used to be a playstation fan due to the games and controllers. Xbox graphics where bad untill the 360 came about and personally i switched over to 360 to play gears of war 3 Now playstation is overpowering xbox with its better games and graphics. Xbox one suppose to be better then the 360 but fairly even with ps4. My only downfall with ps4 games that intrested me are online only witch can put a damper on things. If the games are great the gamers will follow..

football pro

Please cater for football virtual experience too Just that.. way to go I need playsensation 4 O by the way.. game developers need to push for more expedient means of entertaining football fans please ideas needed Don't forget being virtual and intuitive yet dynamic - apt description of ps5


Why are you already talking about a PS5!? Let's enjoy what we have for 5 more years.


I'm a Sony chick and I think that it's great that the ps5 is coming out but why change the controller so much. Keep it simple don't over think the design. Maybe just add a different feature on the ps4 controller. This is why I love Sony because simple designs with a big impact something Microsoft can't do with Xbox.


Everyone expected to be transported to a new land at the launch of the ps4 that's not how it is, what I'm saying is the PS3 was a great console but if you look at the very beginning of its life it had its hiccups and games graphics wise weren't as great. So give the ps4 time and the creators to delve a little bit more into what the console can handle I for one have faith it won't let us down. But I have a feeling because so many people wanted some mind blowing features they will put a little more into the PS5


I hope the ps5 gets photorealistic graphics

Omg Drop It

look first off no one cares about grammar welcome to 2015 also the PlayStation 4 was ok not exactly what i thought it was gonna be but still it is ok the graphics look good but not much different than the ps3 i honestly think that they need to stop at 5 until they have a feature thats an enormous change not just graphics or sound like a game system where instead of just controller make another piece that you can use for fighting games like a glove but have it actually feels like the real thing when you throw a punch or like the motion sensor they made for xbox 360 make it better where you can run in place to move you guy and he mimics everything you do and you can make that so people have an option to use that or use a controller because most gamers need exercise alot of gamers just sit get fat and lazy

playstation museum comillity runner

wishlist like now some there are already found into progress to development playstation 5 what with a ultimate old playstation combillity runner calls the playstation museum runner some drive old playstation game playstation combillit runner with gpu boost iq cleaver rrunner put in old dvd plate disc into playstation museum runner drive like playstation 1 // playstation 2 // playstation 3 // playstation 4 playstation with gpu pixel boost iq cleaver boost with game save mode replacement inside playstation museum 1-4 runner latest plug in into television with hdmi or dvi try to addon 3d gpu with 4k++ wifi connect into 4g wifi box ops ps the latest playstation runner not follow with latest playstation rleashe only like one serie with playstation relashe only the nearly latest one playstation serie like to not trow the old dvd disc plate,,,,,,,,,,,not being trash like the old cmbillity runner like simelar windows combillity game runner like simelar windows combillity apps software runner

PS5 OMG! Is it then worth of

PS5 OMG! Is it then worth of buying PS4 right now or wait for PS5 or upgrade my pc which thing is best?

Xbox sucks

I used to have an Xbox 360 but I never was a fan of it one day I booted it up and the red ring of death happened and that was the Xbox 360 slim about 1 month later I got my Xbox back and loss all my progress never buying from them again ps4 all the way

Apple has always been the last in everything

Don't kid yourself buddy... I'm a fan of Apple and has always been using their products because of durability and security but they have always been the last in every innovations. Most of these credits should be given to Nokia.... The problem I see with Nokia is, they refuse to focus on their OS.... But they have always been ahead of innovations in smart phone and Sony has always been the giant behind Video Games. Nokia quit the day they sold to Microsoft. But back then, they were the best. Finger print, voice control, touch screen and etc are nothing new. They existed long ahead before Smart phones started walking this planet. PS1 was a bomb! PS2 Was also a BOMB!! and PS3, well, A Nuke!!! and PS4, We are definitely in the future.... some of you haven't even played Nintendo Gameboy before or even know the Atari Game Console. Call your mommy to change your diaper because Sony is a tech giant and I will always praise them for opening our eyes to new era of gaming and especially the PSP / PS Vita. Microsoft is a copy cat in this era but who cares? Everybody gotta eat too. LOL

War on consoles

I think people should see microsoft for which it is, being look at how Gates got his business. He ripped off his friend and made a ton of money. He then creates xbox, or he has someone to create it. That was cool because I liked new things and it was different and fun. When xbox 360 came out it was about money and stealing the market, because look at how they pushed it out too early and a lot and I mean a lot of people suffered from this in console failure. Then microsoft pays a ton of money to developers for exclusivity because they knew playstation 3 was so powerful that it would ruin them, and the fact it was more difficult to make games because it was something new to developers. This being said xbox only got fans because of better games coming to it on xbox 360, when ps3 was having a hard time with new technology in the hands of those who didn't understand it, being developers. So sony got wise and made there next playstation based off of what developers were wanting to make game with, hence the ps4. Now developers are choosing ps4 because of the right choice for gamers. Microsoft failed at its attempt to take over the market for greed, now we can all begin to see this for which it is. I mean when the ps3 came out it took pc a few years to reach the power of what it could achieve, that to me was astounding. If you are a true gamer you will have realized these things by now and would have supported the right company for the right reason, not just because your a fan. I have to say sony was not at a war microsoft was. Its really that simple to understand.

not a real upgrade

I havent bought the ps4 but it looks like it looks bigger than the first and second gen ps3. I had ps3 2gen 320 gb n ps4 is bigger without mistake. Secondly there isn't major impovement either, memory storage goes up to 1tb and a few little upgrage just like iphone 5 to 5s and 6 to 6s. I also haven't heard any release date for ps4 slim version like the ps3 slim 4gen which they said it will be out last octo or nov cant really remember. I m expecting big things from the upcoming ps5 because ps4 didn't impress me. 4k is a must feature for ps5 btw i also had ps1, ps2 in the past and ps3 was the best upgrade from either ps1 or ps2.


ps4 is the best anyone says bad about it on this side he is a sucker ps4 is way better than xbox 0ne i have both of them so i know it

PS vs Xbox

Both have there unique features. PS has better graphics as always but Xbox interface like windows 8 and 10 makes it more attractive and likely. Xbox and ps4 have unique games to play. In short ps4 is for a hardcore gamer but if you want all in entertainment with good graphics then you shall like it. It depends on person


If playstation 5 would pay 2000 dollars...i think not many people can afford that...or personally if i had the money i wont pay that much


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