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XBOX 4 is winning now your suppose to be Sony. . .

PS4 sucks ass also XBOX does as well there isn't any new feature. Only thing XBOX has is voice recognition come up and they stolen that from apple phones. Plus your suppose to be sony the leader in video games im not impress hope you do better with PS5 cause xbox and ps4 was a let down its very similar to the last model just increase to 500 GB. Sony please step your game up thirsty for so creative new idea think outside the box and really use your technology to do some fun thing mostly with making it real and developing better controller to the game come on. You even let Nintendo catch up need to pull so trick out the bag with this system I don't see any new feature that really says that this is a PS4 I rather just the PS3 nothing new. . .No worth getting rated highest amount new system Spokes men from a gamer site (unnames)


If you don't like the PS4 then why the hell did you come here??

If you're going to leave

If you're going to leave comments on a particular site why don't you learn some grammar so you don't come off as someone that only has an elementary school education.

Sony is less about innovation

Sony is less about innovation and more about quality. I don't see where Sony has shown innovation, in terms of gaming.


don't disrispect SONY beacause if u was a gamer u should under stand that it' not easy to come up with new technoligie SONY has been making playstation1,2,3and4sodon't fink u can make one.


Voice recognition has been around on Windows PCs as early as Windows 98. Even on phones it was available in 2004, over three years before the iPhone was even released. The iPhone didn't innovate anything or introduce any new features, it just did a few of them in a slightly different way and it had the Apple logo slapped on it. Don't piss on one company for not innovating and for copying another, especially when the company you cite did the copying in the first place.

Don't bag them

I personally believe that both those consoles are awesome. I mean, have you seen how realistic the games look? I don't think Sony or Microsoft were planning to put new features in their consoles. I think they were just trying to make the graphics of the games look more realistic by upgrading the hardware. To me, this is a big jump from PS3 and XBOX 360 which both came out nearly 10 years ago. So don't bag either of them. They did pretty well considering the realism of the games. Plus, I'm in middle school and, (no offence) I have better grammar than you.

Your right

I agree with everything you said, Microsoft is the best and so is the xbox one. IS THAT WHY THE PS4 SELLS MORE DUMMY

ps4 sucks?

hmm ps4 has 4million more sales then xbox i dont see xbox winning, and xbox 4? its called xbox one go back to Nintendo kid

It doesn't matter

It doesn't really matter about too many new features, it matters mostly about the games and how good they are. They are gaming consoles, you are supposed to play games on them, and that is about all. Even though there are different apps and everything they were first made for games.

PS4 owns

You're a fanboy who can't get over how much of a let down the XBOX ONE is.

U are stupid

To do list for you 1. Improve your English 2. That is not true the Graphics are much better 3. The controller feels much Nicer then the ps3 controller 4. Go away if you do not understand anything about this cattegory

1. No one gives a damn about

1. No one gives a damn about perfect english through the internet 2. The graphics of the PS4 and X Box One are the same because the games are made by the same people and released to both consoles and both of them are today technology, the only reason you think Xbox is better is cause you play it on a big HD flatscreen that others cant afford! 3. The Xbox controller is crooked and one of the joysticks is all the way at the top while the other is at the bottom, so if the joysticks arent straight then theyre gay, playstation is straight. 4. Dont come to a website that supports playsation if you hate it.

somewhat agree

Ps4 should have been better I do agree on that, for it being the next Gen console, graphics should have been a lot if you compare ps2 and ps3

I love ps4 and you can't insult it.

Learn some grammar first. Ps4 does not suck. ps4 sales have crossed 18.5 million. Why? Because everyone loves ps4. You can't insult it like this. Your grammar is surprisingly weak. first learn it properly and then get involved in gaming consoles.

Ps4 Xbox 1

In My Opinion Both Xbox One And Ps4 Suck I mean Graphics Wise I did not see much did not see much diffrence from the 360 or 3 in graphics update heres an example pop in final fantacy 13 look at graphics then check assassins creed black flag pop in assassins creed rouge and pop in unity not that much diffrence also i bought a xbox one and in my opinion it was complete crap was confusing to get around kinda like windows 8 or 8. 1 so i got a computer bought a controller now i can play any xbox or playstation game from playstation 1-4 xbox original - 360-one and it plays at THE ADVERTIZED GRAPHICS WITHOUT HITTING 10 PERCENT PROCESSING POWER witch bring me to my first point if your going to advertice dont use a computer and say its a xbox one or ps4 also point 2 dont send the ps4 to canada and then jack the price 4 months after it arrived yes it was origenally 250 then went to 450 i cna go on for hours about how crappy it is what sony and microsoft need to do is step up there game to get me to switch

playstation 5

can I play the playstation 12345 games on the playstation 5


Ps5 2020 ?


Prob because they said that for the ps4 so yea maybe here

PS5 looks awesome

I'm still playing on a PS3 (which is plenty good for me) but one day might upgrade.... or maybe I'll wait for the PS5 OR 6?! LOL. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I've been playing PlayStation since the first console. I am a huge fan and hope for the best for this company! XBOX : YOU DIE NOW!!!!! COMMERCIALIZED PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!! (end rant) creationbeliever


I've been playing since PS2 and i am waiting for that PS5 It looks like a kick-ass console

I agree

Wrrd I've always hated Xbox and still play PS3

I played the first ps1 when

I played the first ps1 when it came out than i got a ps2 i had my ps1 and2 for 29 years now i have an ps3 and i like it so sony keep it up

The first playstation came

The first playstation came out in 1995, and 1994 in japan, how could u have had it for 29 years, and it hasnt even been out for 20

Typing Error

^^^ He probably meant 19.. It's called "use your brain", "think before you say", and it's also called "he probably made a typing error".. ^^^



Last Console

THE PS4 is the last-gen


Love that concept...Well in my pinion it is


it will be better than the xbox 2 and a made a bet that the ps5 is coming out in 6 years i bet 500

love the dualshock 5

if the control is like that image above i dont think we have a problem!!


Maby it is coming out on 2015 2016

a year huh

Lets keep our fingers crossed.But to me it seems a little soon.Sony is definately going to ride this wave.


Yes it's very cool




Sony said PS4 will be supported for 10 years, so PS5 = 2023.


The PS4 was made clearly to rebound Sony from bankruptcy.I have my PS4 and like it I just consider it innferrior to the PS3 that s the machine that should have comeout after PS2 .I give this 3 maybe 4 years .So I say mm NoV 25 2017 ,or Jan.2018.


"Rebound from bankruptcy?" Dude, where have you been? Sony is one of the filthiest rich companies in the world and has been nowhere near bankruptcy, let alone filed for it. They own a significant portion of the entertainment industry including film, television, music and video gaming. I don't know where you got the idea Sony has had any financial trouble, but go ahead and forget them. Because they're wrong. And dumb.


Sony only has about 30 years left. Look at their NASDAQ shifts. They're losing money at a pretty steady rate.


Plus they have been near bankruptcy several times since their start in the 1940s


And you forgot their financial services. I do believe I know a tad bit more than you.


sony should try to make the ps5 portable (with its own 4k resolution sreen) and finish the ps vita permenently, and also,partnership with android to make free apps for the ps5 ,while making the hardcore games themselves!!!


Disappointed that the PS4 wasn't designed with 4K resolution. At a time when everything technology, but gaming systems, are being released with 4K capability. I mean Hollywood doesn't even film with cameras less than 5K resolution. I believe both the PS4 and XBox are way behind the advancements of technology. Until then, I think I will just stick with my PS3. Hopefully PlayStation releases the PS5 within a couple years (not 6 or 7). When it is released I'm sure it will be amazing.


No? Hollywood still films in 4K. They also film in 2K for lower budget movies and all TV shows. Heck, every true IMAX movie is still shot in 70mm film because there is no digital equipment that could handle the bandwidth required for resolutions that could match the fidelity of IMAX's 8,700 vertical lines. That's over 16x the resolution of 4K. You also cannot physically tell the difference between 2K (1080p) and4K resolutions at a proper viewing distance on a screen less than 90", so your whole point is moot because you won't see the"4K" anyway. Aside from that, investing the graphics power in 1080p with decent anti-aliasing would give you a much better picture than 4K with no or 2x AA.




the ps5 could bring so much more imagine real life graphics or that archival disc that coming in 2015 lot more apps or even smaller so you can put in small areas or whatever or little hologram screen and wireless while your outside or you just live in a box with no power make i have touch screen in place your cd in faster wi-fi and no problems like those errors so what im saying it should be half table and half controller with little stand keep it up and better controller with cd holding more data like 64 or less in 1 cd and lot computer games should be introduced like arma 3 / club penguin / and collection of starwars games from ps2


The ps4 has potentials which out runs the ps3 by far

Sony was never the best at

Sony was never the best at innovative technology. That crown always and is still held by Nintendo. Sony delivers or attempts to deliver a version of technology of better overall quality than the first innovation created by other companies. Project Morpheus, PSP, Playstation Move and ofcourse the playstation itself are examples of this. Thus Sony needs time. Its exclusives is one of its strong points and until they are properly released, the PS4 will look mediocre.


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